MY Sheena Logbook – 22. – 29.12.2019

It’s another trip for the Sheena this season. We are starting from Filitheyo (Faafu Atoll) and coming back to towards Filitheyo (Faafu Atoll).

During this trip we will be visiting the following atolls – Faafu Atoll, Meemu Atoll, Vaavu Atoll and ending our trip in Faafu Atoll.

22 December 2019

Today our tour starts with 5 guests on boat 2 from Germany,1 form USA, 1 from China and 1from Switzerland. They all will be arriving into Filitheyo where they will be picked up from the Filitheyo Ari Taxi platform and brought to Filitheyo for the night. Later in the night the guests met up at the bar to enjoy a few drinks before the tours begins.

23 December 2019

As the sunrise over the horizon the guests started gathering up eagerly waiting for the upcoming adventure as we were only a group of 5 people. Group leader was Ved.

Dive 1 – Filitheyo House Reef (Faafu Atoll) (Check Dive)
Dive 2 – Filitheyo Outside (Faafu Atoll)
Dive 3 – Dolphin Corner (Faafu Atoll)

Today the plan was to do 3 dives in Faafu Atoll and then move to the Sheena after the second dive. The check dive at Filitheyo house was a nice relaxing dive and a good time for the guests to check their weights and get into the groove of diving. At Filitheyo outside we encountered some white tips, a grey reef shark, a massive marble ray, schools of barracudas and a hawksbill turtle. Once the second dive was done, All the guests moved to the Sheena. Once on the Sheena the guests were provided with a welcome drink and a welcome briefing and later shown their cabins which later followed upon with a lunch. After lunch the guests had the opportunity to set up their diving equipment for the next dive at dolphin corner where we saw some white tip sharks, grey reef sharks, some tunas, a school of barracudas and a white mouth moray eel.

Once back till the dinner time the guests rested. Later after dessert a general boat briefing about the full boat was given and then we presented to the guests the itinerary we had for the next 6 days. At the end we had a crew introduction where the guests are introduced to the crew which ended with a huge round of applause. Later Ved presented a current seminar explaining how to dive a channel and what is a Thila and a Giri.

Later the guests started to head towards their cabin to get must needed rest and prepare themselves for the next 6 days of adventure.

24 December 2019

Dive 4 – Barracuda Kandu (Faafu Atoll)
Dive 5 – Western Highlight (Meemu Atoll)
Dive 6 – White – Tip Station (Meemu Atoll)

Today the plan was to do 1 dive in Faafu Atoll and then cross towards Meemu Atoll and do 2 dives there. Some of highlights on today’s dives were at Barracuda Kandu where we saw a massive school of batfish, some eagle rays, white tip sharks sleeping in the sand and a grey reef sharks cruising in the blue. While at Western Highlight we had a medium incoming current, which brought in a bigger school of eagle rays, loads of fish and at the end of the dive a hawksbill turtle. Later we cruised towards the north of Meemu atoll and did a dive at White Tip Station near the island of Dhiggaru. On the dive we had a big school of barracudas, big eye jacks, some nape loans, grey reef sharks and some divers also spotted a hammerhead shark in the blue. Good dive.

Once back on boat the guests freshened up and later, we visited the local island of Dhiggaru.

Later that night the crew had prepared a massive meal and decorated the Sheena on the eve of Christmas for the guests as even though we are far away from our families on the Sheena we are now one family.

25 December 2019

Dive 7 – Happy Corner (Meemu Atoll)
Dive 8 – Happy Corner (Meemu Atoll)
Dive 9 – Shark Point (Meemu Atoll)

Merry Christmas to everyone on the Sheena. As the sun rose over the horizon it was a beautiful Christmas morning. Today the plan was to do 3 dives in the north channel of Meemu atoll and then cross towards Vattaru as small atoll part of Vaavu atoll north of Meemu atoll. Some of today’s highlights were at happy corner where we had strong outgoing current which brought in loads of fish life like a big school of big eye jacks, barracudas and loads of grey reef sharks. For the second dive we also visited happy corner and it didn’t disappoint one bit loads of schooling of fish and sharks. Then at shark point we had some grey reef sharks, baby eagle rays chilling in the current coming so close to the guests as if we didn’t exist. A good day of diving.

26 December 2019

Dive 10 – Vattaru Kandu (Vaavu Atoll)
Dive 11 – Rakeedhoo Corner (Vaavu Atoll)
Dive 12 – Alimatha Uthuru Kandu (Vaavu Atoll)
Dive 13 – Alimatha Jetty (Vaavu Atoll)

Today the plan was to do 4 dives in Vaavu atoll. Some of the highlights on today’s dives were at Vaataru Kandu we had some massive napoleons, some white tip sharks and big school of big eye jacks. While at Rakeedhoo corner we had a small outgoing current, during the dive we had some massive napoleons, a school of barracudas and some jacks. Then we cruised near the island of Alimatha where we dived Alimatha Uthuru kandu during the dive the divers encountered big schools of grey reef sharks, barracudas and some eagle rays chilling in the current. The last dive of the day we visited the legendary Alimatha jetty for the night dive where every evening if you would visit you would see around 200+ Nurse sharks, some rays, giant trevallies and some black tip sharks. Another beautiful day of diving in paradise.

27 December 2019

Dive 14 – Alimatha Uthuru Kandu (Vaavu Atoll)
Dive 15 – Shark Point (Meemu Atoll)
Dive 16 – Divers Paradise (Meemu Atoll)

Today the plan was to do 1 dive in Vaavu atoll the north channel of Alimatha and then cross back towards Meemu atoll. Some highlights of today’s dives were at Alimatha Uthuru Kandu were as we were the first people to cross the channel the guests had loads of grey reef sharks and some eagle rays a total treat for the guests. Later at shark point was had some baby eagle rays and a grey reef shark causing in the current. Good Day.

28 December 2019

Dive 17 – Happy Corner (Meemu Atoll)
Dive 18 – Kingdom of Fish (Meemu Atoll)

Crossing – Faafu Atoll

Today the plan was to do 2 dive s in Meemu atoll and then cross towards Faafu atoll and visit Filitheyo in the evening for happy hours. Some highlights of today’s dives were at happy corner where the divers had loads of grey reef sharks, a baby eagle ray cruising in the current, a big school of jack fish and a school of barracudas. While for the second dive we visited the dive site kingdom of fish which was located on the west side of Meemu Atoll. When a site is named kingdom of fish you would expect a kingdom to be there and there was loads of fish, different variety of fusiliers , jack fish, some white- tip and a grey reef shark. The dive in other words was a fish soup. Good way to end our diving adventure.

Once back the guests washed their equipment and relaxed until evening and then we visited the resort island Filitheyo and had some drinks, cocktails till 7pm and then moved back to the boat for dinner and some drinks and conversations till bed time.

29 December 2019

Today is the day we say goodbye with heavy heart as all our guests will heading back home.

A memorable 7 days of complete fun and some awesome diving. Until next time keep diving and happy bubbles.

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