MY Sheena Logbook 29.04. – 06.05.2018

Sheena is fresh and clean to welcome new arriving five divers for a week diving trip to Meemu and Felidhe atoll. All the guest arrived early enough to Sheena. So we had time for an easy check dive.


Dolphins Corner (check dive)

With a small incoming current at the beginning of the dive we started the dive on the outside reef. Weights and equipment were with no problem. As we descent we met three white tip reef sharks, a big eagle ray was swimming very slowly along the reef with a blue fin trevally on the back. Plenty of snappers were where they always stay. We had a giant moray eel trying to hunt an octopus, and the octopus won at the end of the fight. A big napoleon was on the corner top reef. 


Dive 1 Barracuda Kandu

Dive 2 Rakeedhoo Kandu

Dive 3 Allimatha House Reef (Nightdive)

A mild to medium outgoing current in the channel with visibility around 15 meters we started diving with two white tip reef sharks, there were plenty of snappers and batfishes, an eagle ray and a big grey reef shark passing. Octopus and more snappers on the top reef as we came up for the safety stop. 

Then we cruise for three hours to Vaavu atoll. Second dive at Rakeedhoo Kandu was with very strong incoming current. We made it to the corner and drifted inside the channel. Huge napoleon, massive school of jacks and some barracudas, an eagle ray came very close, a hawksbill turtle was with us for few minutes and some big dogtooth tunas were seen. This was a short dive but lot to see. 

Last dive of the day we did at Alimatha House reef at night. Dive started with a little bit of light   On the sandy bottom we had couple of huge nurse sharks rolling and playing coming so close to the divers, few stingrays were curious, many more nurse sharks were swimming over our head. At the safety stop we had also some more nurse sharks, an eagle ray and a lot of jack fish …


Dive 1 Miyaru Kandu

Dive 2 Golden Wall

Dive 3 Fottheyo

Early in the morning we had a nice incoming current at Miyaru Kandu. About 10 to 15 grey reef sharks were just cruising along the channel edge. Many dogtooth tunas were hunting fusiliers and the sharks were also after them. One big green turtle was coming to the surface for breathing some fresh air while a huge napoleon just hovered on top of us. As we went up for the safety stop we were greeted by a huge whale shark coming from inside the channel passing the corner and going into the blue. This was so awesome. 

Second dive at Golden Wall we had a mild outgoing current with clear visibility. There were lots of small stuff, lion fishes, octopuses, many shrimps, anemones, giant moray eels, some white tip reef sharks at the corner, a hawksbill turtle at the safety stop. 

Fottheyo was with a strong outgoing current, we had fun exploring the overhangs and swim throughs full of green and yellow soft corals. Eagle ray and couple of white tips and a grey reef shark. A huge napoleon was swimming towards us as we went for the safety stop. Two turtles were a little bit far away on the top of the reef. 


Dive 1 Fottheyo

Dive 2 Vattaru Kandu

Dive 3 Happy Corner

We made an early morning dive at Fottheyo hoping to see some hammerhead sharks. But no luck this time. There were some big tunas passing in the blue. Many glittering planktons were in the open ocean. At the reef we had a remarkably massive tuna chasing the school of fusiliers, one huge grey reef shark and two white tip sharks. A hawksbill turtle just before the safety stop. 

Vattaru was with a strong incoming current. We had few grey reef sharks at the channel edge, two feather tail stingrays, one marble stingray. Plenty of jackfishes, a small school of yellowfin barracuda, many tunas and some Napoleons. Unfortunately no manta this time. 

Then we arrive Meemu atoll for the last dive of the day. Happy corner with a mild outgoing current dive started with an eagle ray in the deep. Inside the channel was full of bigeyed trevallies and a large school of barracudas. Two big and one small napoleon, four to five grey reef sharks were swimming inside the big school of barracudas when we rest on the channel bottom. At the end of the dive was another eagle ray on the top reef. This was again a happy dive at Happy Corner. 


Dive 1 Happy Corner

Dive 2 White Tip Station

Dive 3 Mantas & More

As we expect incoming current for the first morning dive, we came back to Happy Corner. At the beginning was a very soft incoming current. The current picked up during the dive. This time all the grey reef sharks were in the shallow part of the corner. There were more than 15 sharks who dispersed later on and we manage to stay with these big boys until to the 60th minute of this happy dive. 

Second dive at White tip Station we had fun swimming through the big school of jacks and barracudas, few white tip sharks, huge grumpy groupers and a load of fusiliers. A big napoleon and a turtle at the very end of the dive. 

Last dive at Mantas and More, dive began with 100s of bump head snappers and oriental sweet lips. Along the reef we met a hand full of grey reef sharks, big and small. There were five baby white tip sharks at the bottom of the plateau.  One big manta ray was passing in the blue very gently. Couple of eagle rays and turtles were friendly towards divers. Some big white tip reef sharks were cruising along the massive coral blocks. We had also a grumpy stone fish half way buried in the sand on the top reef as we came towards the end of the dive. 


Dive 1 Mantas and more

Dive 2 Sharks Tongue

Dive 3 Fathassa Giri

Mantas and More in the morning was with lot more fishes but unfortunately no Manta this time. Though we had another great dive with plenty of grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, napoleons, many eagle rays, turtles and so on. 

Second dive of the day at Sharks tongue, we met two stingrays, few white tip reef sharks and a beautiful Zebra Shark swimming close to us. On the reef were dozens of lobsters, couple of turtles, big dogtooth tunas and thousands of fusiliers. It was like a fish soup.

Because of the heavy wind and rain just after the second dive, we had to make a change to the original plan and went back to the north side of Meemu instead of the west Meemu. 

Third dive was at Fathassaa Giri. This was an easy chill dive with two sting rays, some eagle rays, couple of turtles and a lot of small reef fishes. 


Dive 1 Diggaruh Kandu

Dive 2 Filitheyo outside

Early in the morning a soft incoming current at Dhiggaru Kandu, we crossed the channel unfortunately not much sharks this time as the current was too soft. However, we had Napoleons, stingrays, school of barracudas and jacks. And a giant barracuda during this easy relaxed dive. 

Then we started our journey back to Filitheyo. Last dive at Filitheyo Outside was with some white tip reef sharks, lots of playful batfishes, big school of red and black snappers, a mantis shrimp and many other small stuff. 

Then at late afternoon we had our usual happy hour cocktails at Filitheyo’s main bar. 


This was an amazing week with great divers. 

Thank you. 


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