MY Sheena Logboook – 15.07. – 21.07.2018

Arrival an Departure day.
The first tour after dry dock starts today!


Dive 1 Fish Factory

After the check-in and after all the paperwork is done, we welcome everyone and start our first dive at Fish Factory. It’s already an exciting dive with loads of moray eels and surprisingly a guitar shark.


Dive 1 Lankan Reef

Dive 2 Kandoma Thila

Dive 3 Kandoma Thila

Awesome dives at Kandooma Thila. We are facing perfect conditions for this amazing spot. Medioum outgoing current coming from west, which brings us hundreds of sharks on both dives.


Dive 1 Guraidhoo Corner

Dive 2 Kandooma Thila

Dive 3 Alimatha Housereef

Sharks, sharks and sharks again! Kandooma Thila like the previous day with a huge amount of grey reef sharks.

The same aplies during the night dive at Alimatha house reef – just instead of grey reef sharks plenty of nurse sharks, rolling in the sand and nearly bump into our divers.


Dive 1 Miaru Kandu

Dive 2 Rakedhoo Kandu

Dive 3 Happy Corner

Awesome channel dives today with plenty of sharks, absolutely awesome. At Happy Corner we have been accompanied by a big group of eagle rays and some big baracudas.


Dive 1 White Tip Station

Dive 2 Mantas & More

Dive 3 Simply The Best

The day starts with a medium outgoing current at White Tip Station. Perfect for this spot. The current carries us over to the cave, flying through swarms of baracudas and some big thinas and grey reef sharks.

The following dives where really nice as well and rich of fish.


Dive 1 Mantas and More

Dive 2 Sharks Tongue

Dive 3 Western Highlight

Dive 4 Fenboa Reef

A medium incoming current let uns fly smoothly along the channel edges. During the drift we spotet a big amount of snappers, some eagle rays and grey reef sharks.

At sharks tongue we could spot addionally a leopard shark.


Dive 1 Kingdom of Fish

Dive 2 Filitheyo Outside

At Kingdom of Fish und Filitheyo Outside we had two nie last dives.

Kingdom of fish

Kingdom of Fish impresses with its beautiful vegetation of hard and soft corals and huge amounts of fusiliers and snappers. In the soft corals we could discover some long-nosed groupers.

During our last dive at Filitheyo Outside we had an endless number of batfish, some grey reef sharks and napoleons, which accompanied us during the comfortable drift dive.

Throughout the day we had a medium strong current. A gentle drift drives us along the edges of the canal. We spotted many snappers, a few eagle rays and some grey reef sharks. On Shark’s tongue we even discovered a leopard shark. Great dive day with 4 dives.


A perfect start to the new season!

We say thank you and goodbye!

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