MY Sheena Loogbook 17.02. – 03.03.2019

14 day trip – Filitheyo – Gaafu Alifu – Filitheyo

The two-week tour is staffed by 13 experienced divers, including our Fuerteventura base leaders, who enjoy their vacation in the Maldives.

Shortly after we have welcomed the guests on Fili, they are taken to the ship for lunch and their first dive.

The first dive is a comfortable one to get used to and Bleicheck. We jump for at Faru and have a relaxed drift dive. At the end a big silvertip shark appears, which inspires us quite curiously.


17.02.2019                  Dolphins Faru

18.02.2019                  Dolphins Corner / Western Highlight / Valley of the Ray 

19.02.2019                  Valley of the Ray / Beauty and the Beast / No Name Kandu

20.02.2019                  Diyamigili Outside / Jackfish Channel / Sharks and Rays

21.02.2019                  Dolphins Kandu  / Hanahana Giri

22.02.2019                  Viligili Kandu / Kuredho Kandu / Maareha

23.02.2019                  Gemana Outside / Vodamula / Nilandhoo Kandu /Explorer Nightdive 

24.02.2019                  Viligili Kandu / Koodhoo / Viligili Kandu       

25.02.2019                 Kooddoo Kandu / Explorer

26.02.2019                  Hithadhoo Outside / Jackfish Channel / Diamigili Corner

27.02.2019                 Olhuhiri / Valey of the Ray / Simply the best / Medhu Thila.

28.02.2019                 Mantas and More / Mantas and More / White Tip Station.

01.03.2019                 Happy Corner / Happy Corner / Divers Paradise 

02.03.2019                  Shark Point / Little Channel South


We have an extremely good two weeks trip with a lot of big fish. A big advantage of this two-week tour is that the participants have a lot of time and can get used to the currents. On the first day we drive towards Meemu Atoll. The first dive brings us a big school of eagle rays. Also at the Manta Points we are very lucky and saw a total of 10 manta rays during both dives.

Bei den Beiden Manta Points haben wir ebenfalls großes Glück und sehen bei beiden Tauchgängen insgesamt 10 Mantas. Nach dem ersten Tauchgang am dritten Tag geht es direkt weiter ins Thaa Atoll und wir haben auch hier wieder Glück mit geilen Kanaltauchgängen mit viel Strömung aber auch Unmengen von Haien. Der Early Morning an Dyamigili beschert uns 3 große Hammerhaie in der Tiefe. Einfach fantastisch. Alle Gäste sind begeistert.

With this we conclude our stay in Thaa Atoll and drive towards Laamu Atoll. A mad start at Jackfish Channel. We cross the complete 1.2 km wide channel and sight sharks without end, even a tiger shark appears.

During the day we visit another island and celebrate Basti’s birthday on board in the evening. 6 hours after a cool last dive in the Laamu Atoll we cross the big One-and-a-half-Channel towards Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

The entrance at Viligili Kandu is mega with cool current and countless sharks, the guests are so enthusiastic that we repeat this place three times at the request of the guests. We have a huge luck, see another tiger shark and even a hammerhead shark dives over us.

The days in Gaafu Alifu bring us a lot of great dives, extremely many shoal fish can be admired at the reefs. What strikes us positively is the large population of Green Turtles. Partly 10 turtles can be seen at one dive.

We close the chapter Gaafu Alifu and return to the previous atolls. The guests are looking forward to diving the one or other dive site again.

Also on the way back we have many great dives. We see again manta rays, a dolphin school under water and even a shark in the Laamu Atoll. Also on the way back to Filitheyo we visit one or the other island and even visit Medhufushi for a short time. The tour is a complete success. The guests have made new friends and it is planned to meet again on the Sheena.

We are there and are waiting for you!

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