Werner Lau Tek has the most extensive range of equipment available in Sharm El Sheikh. The philosophy of Werner Lau Tek is that if the equipment we use every day is good enough for us then it will be perfect for students.

5 Full Sets of Open Circuit Technical Diving Equipment.
Each Set Includes the following
Halcyon Evolve- 40lb Lift capacity doughnut style wing. This wing was associated with DIR style of diving for many years. The Halcyon wing is the top of the range doughnut style wing that gives a low profile and drag in the water and can be utilised in every environment from open water to caves.
Halcyon Cinch system Steel Backplates – Stainless Steel backplates from Halcyon. These backplates provide a constant one piece harness but with a new twist. The Halcyon Cinch system is a new design that allows quick and easy adjustment for the backplates to fit all clients.
OMS Twin Bladder Wing – 90lb lift capacity dual bladder bungee wing created by OMS. This has been the choice of wing over the years for technical divers and record breakers alike
(Used for deep trimix wetsuit diving where redundancy is necessary).


4 x Regulators – When choosing regulators there is no need to look further than Apeks so we haven`t. Each set of kit contains 2 x Apeks XTX 200 backgas regs for twinset configuration and 2 x DS4 with ATX 50 second stages for our deco Regs. The deco regs have different hose configerations and gauges on them for ease of use underwater and a way to distinguish different mixes from one another in low viz situations.
Long Reel – 120m made by Kent Tooling. High quality stainless steel reel without a ratchet to minimize risk of snagging.
Spool – 40m Halcyon Spool for deployment of marker bouys.
SMB -Halcyon 1m Oral inflate SMB with over pressure valve. The SMB from Halcyon is a one breath bag and is easily deployable from any depth to allow signalling with the boat.
Evergency SMB – Halcyon 1m Oral Inflate Yellow SMB. These SMB`s are dedicated for emergency use only.
Lift Bag – Orange Ap Lift Bag for back-up buoyancy or marker buoy.

4 Full Sets of Open Circuit Sidemount
Each Set Includes the following items
Oxycheq Wing – The oxycheq sidemount wing is of course designed for sidemount diving and is completely adjustable. Unlike other brands of sidemount wings out there the Oxycheq can be tailored to fit any size person. It is also equipped with a 25kg lift capacity wing and all the specific sidemount hardwear needed.
X-Deep Harness- The X-Deep harness is a specialist sidemount only configuration. It was born in Mexico where it was created for the need to fit into the smallest of cave systems. What has been produced is a phenomenal harness that will take you from open water to the smallest of caves
2 xRegs -Sherwood SR1 regulators are a perfect set up for sidemounting. With a swivel on the base and a Low Pressure port on the bottom the SR1 regulators give the best and most versatile hose routing options available.
Reels – The rigs are equipped with one deralin side handled light monkey 200ft primary cave reel and one 60ft spool.

Werner Lau Tek has 6 umbilical lights available for use.
3 x Umbilical Light monkey 9w LED with 4hr burn time
3 x Halcyon EOS 4.5 12Watt LED with 5.5hr Burn time
Lamps are employed in courses so that people who are travelling from cold waters can get used to how to deploy, use and signal with lamps in normal diving and emergency situations.

Trimix Computers- Shearwater Petrel computers are available for guests. Shearwater Petrels are the new ultra small computers on the market that are packed with softwear to take you from basic to the most advanced levels of diving.
Bottom Timers – 4 x Aladin tec2 computers are available in guage mode for divers who don`t want decompression readouts or who just need a back-up. With a resettable stop watch and average depth these are the perfect computers for running slates and tables.
Werner Lau Tek are proud to present the largest collection of the most reliable and fastest scooters available on the market – BONEX Reference and SUEX XJOY.
Bonex Reference – 4 Available
With 4 hours of burn time and a carbon fibre body rated to sub 200m these are the top of the range scooters for the technical diving market
XJOY 7 – 3 Available
Yhe Suex XJOY is a mid range scooter with a 2 speed option and is rated to 80m. This is a perfect choice of scooter for learning to mid level technical diving.
XJOY14 – 2 Available
The Suex XJOY 14 is the technical diving big brother of the 7. With a longer body, variable speed, more burn time and depth rated to 120m this scooter will take you anywhere with ease.

Werner Lau Tek are also proud to offer the LARGEST selection of Closed Circuit Rebreathers available anywhere, not only Sharm El Sheikh but the Middle East aswell.
The Units in permanent stock at Werner Lau Tek include the following.

JJ-CCR (2 x School Units)
The JJ-CCR is the new rebreather on the block and has recently been dubbed the Rolex of CCR`s. The JJ-CCR comes with a rugged aluminium can that houses the scrubber and electronics with a stainless steel frame attached, Back mounted counter-lungs to create a free space infront of the diver and of course the top of the line electronics with a Shearwater Predator controlling the unit and giving the diver all the decompression and ppO2 readouts on one display.
Both Axial and Radial Scrubbers available
(We are the only sanctioned IART training facility for the JJ-CCR in the Sinai)

Megalodon (2 School Units)
The Megalodon CCR is produced by ISC. For many years it has been the understated leader of the market. The Megalodon is a completely modular rebreather that allows you to choose scrubber size, counterlung types, harness, wing and even the choice between manual or electronic controllers. The Megalodon or the `Meg` is an extremely robust and capable unit and because of this has been the choice of rebreathers for the Werner Lau Tek Instructors for many Years.
Megalodon Pathfinder
The new ultra compact small travel unit and 60m range rebreather from ISC. With recreational rebreather diving on the rise ISC has developed the pathfinder to forfil the needs of that market…. but in true ISC way they have created another bomb proof unit that is capable of much more than its small size leads you to believe
Arrival of Unit is August
The Prism II is the new technical unit from Hollis. With a Shearwater controller and radial scrubber this unit is set to be a big contender on the CCR Market.
Awaiting Unit Arrival
Buddy Inspiration Vision ( 2 x School Units)
Released in 2005 the vision was the leading new electronics on the market and they haven`t stopped. The vision, although one of the oldest electronics with deco, is still a market leader with an extremely versatile package. Add that to the fact that it is coupled with the longest standing rebreather on the market and the Inspiration Vision is the perfect choice for beginner or more experienced CCR divers alike.
The inspiration is also now available with BMCL`s or Back Mounted Counter lungs to free up the clutter and restriction on your chest.
BMCL`s are available ong Werner Lau Tek School Units
Buddy Inspiration Classic
The oldest but still a Classic. An Inspiration Rebreather with the original electronics that only have the ppO2 readout for the diver and set-point selection. Simple yet extremely effective.

Buddy Evolution
The Evolution takes all the Vision Electronics and Inspiration Mechanics and puts them into a smaller unit utilising 2l cylinders for the smaller diver or for someone wanting a more lightweight travel unit.
Pelagian DCCCR
The Pelagian DCCCR is a manual or diver controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather. Created by Andy Fritz in Thailand the Pelagian in an extremely light weight (9kg packed down) and easy to use manual unit. The pelagian as a manual unit feeds O2 into the unit by an adjustable orifice.
Poseidon MkVI Discovery
The MkVI is the first of its kind… An almost completely automated CCR aimed at the recreational diver not wanting to exceed 30m but who wants to stay that bit longer. It is a no Decompression unit that will allow you to extend those divers you want with minimal difficulty and easy to use electronics.

The SF-2 is a new unit from Scuba Force in Germany. The concept of the SF-2 is simplicity and streamlining. With the counterlungs in the bottom of the rebreather the divers chest is completely free from clutter. Because of the position of the counterlungs the SF-2 can also be used in a sidemount configuration aswell.
The Ouroboros has benn the unit of choice for deep dives for many years. First tested in the Red Sea the Ouroboros is now available again. Made by VR Technology and a copy of the military CIS Mk15.5 the Ouroboros boasts the best work of breathing out there.
Awaiting release from the manufacturer to Werner Lau Tek we will be offering the following new units in the Near future – Submatix Mini Quantum
All the equipment is maintained to the highest standard and is all oxygen cleaned for use with higher pressures of Oxygen.
All equipment is maintained by the technical instructors themselves and are always in top quality before being allowed in the water but there is also a fully stocked workshop just incase you have any problems with your own or any other equipment.
Werner Lau Tek has a large range of Bail-out and Open Circuit cylinders in constant stock.