Christmas gifts

Fuerteventura – 21.12.2019

Yesterday we celebrated the farewell from Lieschen 😢
We will miss Lisernhinkchen unbelievably but soon she will be among us again 🥰
Next year Lisa will support us together with Julchen from April to September.
We can’t wait until you return, because only then the diving family will be complete again 🎉
Your farewell gift/remembrance of our time together will of course be honoured ❤️
Today Basti and Sylvie were finally able to receive their diploma Patron Puertoario 🥳
So nothing can stop the dolphin tours for the coming year 👏👏👏

In this spirit we wish you a wonderful 4th Advent and a contemplative Christmas Eve 🎄

Your Werner Lau Team Fuerteventura

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