Last Minute Specials MY Sheena

For spontaneous travellers we lowered the rates for the following trips by 30%: The following special offers are available 12-days Explorer Tour from Hondaafushi/to Male 28.07. - 09.08.2019 Maldives diving like 20 years ago – lots of big fish and intact corals! All this at [...]
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TAUCHEN-Readers Tour Malediven

In cooperation with the magazine Tauchen there will be an explorer tour with the MY Sheena towards the far north of the Maldives in July 2019. The tour is not only a highlight for true Maldives fans. Rather we would like to address this tour [...]
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Sheena Explorer Tour Hondaafushi / Male

We start this special tour from the north of the Maldives in the Haa Dhalu Atoll. Combined with the new places around Hondaafushi we invite you to follow the original Werner Lau paths from the 80s around Eriyadu. From the north we return to Male [...]
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Werner Lau Table Calendar Promotion

The decission has been made and the winners of this year's competition have been announced. This year it was particularly difficult to make a decision. There were just too many wonderful underwater shots. Unfortunately we can only add 12 pictures to our desk calendar. The [...]
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Family and beginner tours with MY Sheena

Our Sheena Tours require 60 or 100 logged dives, depending on the level of difficulty. Divers with less experience have therefore had no chance to go on a Sheena tour so far. For this reason we have now planned 4 tours for unexperienced divers and [...]
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Buddyweeks Maldives

Werner Lau Buddyweeks = If you pre-book a diving package or a diving course, the first diver pays the regular price and his/her buddy will only pay 50% for the same package or course. The Buddyweeks are available for the following travel periods and destinations: [...]
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2 week liveaboard 2020

Due to high demand on the previous 14-day safaris tours, in 2019 we will again offer our 14-day top-class safari!   You will visit the most southerly lying and untouched reefs of the Maldives as part of this exclusive tour. Unexplored reefs, thilas and kandus [...]
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Blog Filitheyo - 06.07.2019 No matter if you are diving on the house reef or from the boat, you will meet here the white tip reef shark. This shark is not really the fiercest predator from the reef and also not really a hunter. It [...]
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Blog Filitheyo - 29.06.2019 Just there on the house reef are some schools of Bannerfish waiting for you! They are groups of a hundred just feeding on the plankton passing by and they see snorklers and divers so often that you can really approach them [...]
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Blue Light Night Diving

Blog Filitheyo - 22.06.2019 Try this new underwater experience! Amaaaazing colors are awaiting you right in front of your bungalow… It is really mindblowing! It is like diving under LSD but it has two advantages: blue light diving is legal and the effects disappear as [...]
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Map Puffer Fish

Blog Filitheyo - 15.06.2019 This is one of the biggest pufferfish, it can reach a size of 60cm. It is a quite lazy and slow moving fish, grazing on algae and eventually small invertebrates. They have 4 teeth that resemble a beak and feed the [...]
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