Turtle City

Blog Filitheyo - 28.02.2021 She cruises along our house reef everyday greeting everyone who comes along. With one breath she stayes for 30mins down a total champion free diver. Our House Reef – Haksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)
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Old is Gold

Filitheyo - 22.02.2021 After years of being away he is back and we knew one day he would come back…. Our former Sheena Guide Tore is back in the company and back on the Maldives. Welcome on Filitheyo Tore!
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keep on smiling

Blog Filitheyo - 29.01.2021 Sometimes he smiles. Sometimes he is serious. But he is our friend.. We see him rarely but when he makes a appearance it is one to remember. Our Lemon Shark on Filitheyo House Reef (Cruising in the Shallows)
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Filitheyo - 23.01.2021 With the New Year and new beginning a full boat of excited divers eagerly await what beholds down there.. A treasure some call it. For us in Filitheyo it makes our eyes shine. SHARKS!!! SHARKS !!! SHARKS!!!
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Maldives Update 18.11.2020

The resorts and thus our dive centres will be reopened in December! Opening dates: Bathala: 01. December 2020 exclusively for Qatar Holidays and from 21. December 2020 for all guests Filitheyo and Medhufushi: December 01, 2020 The entry to the Maldives seems to be possible [...]
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