Welcome Beat and Desiree

We are the Swiss team at Werner Lau Filitheyo. :) We are both 33 years old and used to live in Switzerland until a few years ago. Beat used to work in hospitality as the manager of a bar and as a diving instructor in [...]
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Housereef Companion

Housereef Companion (Vlaming´s Unicorn - lat. Naso Vlamingii) Here I´m presenting you our housereef companion. This peticullar Vlaming´s Unicorn you will deffinetly see on our housee reef. You can recogize it by it´s tail – lower part is missing. It is always around divers, playing [...]
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Dive Full of Marbeled Stingrays

It was a nice calm morning with Detlef and Doris, headed for a check dive. They´ve been here before and they were looking forward to go on a housereef - expecialy to dive the section between Exit 6 and 7. The current was in our [...]
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Welcome Markus

Blog Filitheyo - 24.06.2021 We got new reinforcments in the end of May. Markus is 37 years old (21 by heart) , vibrant, very communicative instructor, full of energy. He flew in from Macao, where he  worked as a show Diver at the biggest Water [...]
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Filitheyo - 18.06.2021 Chromodoris Tritos Yonow - also known as Dorid Nudibranch, Tritos Sea Slug. Opisthobranchia - Nudibranchs - Sea Slugs meaning "naked gills" are molluscs without a hard shell. These beautiful slugs are usually brilliantly colored and this in itself can act as a [...]
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