Table Calender 2021

Deutsche Version For 3 years now, we have designed our annual table calendar featuring your pictures. Notably, this will not change this year either. We invite you, once again, to play your part and help us design the Werner Lau table calendar for 2021. Please [...]
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Buddyweeks Maldives 2020

Werner Lau Buddyweeks = If you pre-book a diving package or a diving course, the first diver pays the regular price and his/her buddy will only pay 50% for the same package or course. The Buddyweeks are available for the following travel periods and destinations: [...]
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The Best of Male and Ari Atoll 2020

dive with us the best spots in Male and Ari Atoll with the classics among the dive spots form the good old times and old paths of Werner Lau in Vilamendhoo and Eriyadu as well as the highlights of Bathala Manta Rays, Wale Sharks, Sharks [...]
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MY Sheena Family and Beginner Tours 2020

Family and Beginner Tours during September and October 2020 Most liveaboards necessitate a certain amount of diving experience depending on the difficulty. Beginners therefore often do not have the benefit of participating in diving safaris. This also applies to Werner Lau. Divers with only little [...]
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Corona Update

22.03.2020 Update Corona: We would like to thank you all for your good wishes and for thinking of us. We are thinking of you too.  MALDIVES: So far there have been only isolated cases of Corona. The government is isolating the islands and Male extensively, […]

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Hi everyone! This is our actual situation worldwide. Fuerteventura - we have closed our dive center, the club will most likely be closed within the next few days. In Fuerteventura there is a curfew and the same recommendations as everywhere else in the world: keep [...]
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Marbled Stingrays

Filitheyo - 15.03.2020 The marbled stingrays are very present in our atoll at the moment... It is probably mating time as we see them more and more in pairs! How frustrating to see them barely moving in the strong current while our masks vibrate because [...]
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