School of Mobulas on Filitheyo Housereef

Guests who make it out of bed early are often rewarded here on Filitheyo. Mobulas are spotted regularly on early morning dives. This is in addition to the usual encounters with larger marine life such as napoleons, giant trevallies, whitetip, blacktip and grey reef sharks, [...]
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Happy New Year!

It´s been an adventure. We have a lot of beautiful memories, looking back at 2021 and many more exiting times to come. We wish you all the best, let it be prosperous, full of joy,  magical moments and filled with happy bubbles. Happy New Year!
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Welcome Iqbal!

The latest member of our compressor team on Filitheyo is also the youngest one. Young and strong! Iqbal is from Bangladesh and worked with a different department on our island before joining the dive center team. We are super happy to have him onboard and […]

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Welcome Beat and Desiree

We are the Swiss team at Werner Lau Filitheyo. :) We are both 33 years old and used to live in Switzerland until a few years ago. Beat used to work in hospitality as the manager of a bar and as a diving instructor in [...]
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Housereef Companion

Housereef Companion (Vlaming´s Unicorn - lat. Naso Vlamingii) Here I´m presenting you our housereef companion. This peticullar Vlaming´s Unicorn you will deffinetly see on our housee reef. You can recogize it by it´s tail – lower part is missing. It is always around divers, playing [...]
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