Housereef Companion

Housereef Companion (Vlaming´s Unicorn - lat. Naso Vlamingii) Here I´m presenting you our housereef companion. This peticullar Vlaming´s Unicorn you will deffinetly see on our housee reef. You can recogize it by it´s tail – lower part is missing. It is always around divers, playing [...]
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Dive Full of Marbeled Stingrays

It was a nice calm morning with Detlef and Doris, headed for a check dive. They´ve been here before and they were looking forward to go on a housereef - expecialy to dive the section between Exit 6 and 7. The current was in our [...]
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Welcome Markus

Blog Filitheyo - 24.06.2021 We got new reinforcments in the end of May. Markus is 37 years old (21 by heart) , vibrant, very communicative instructor, full of energy. He flew in from Macao, where he  worked as a show Diver at the biggest Water [...]
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Filitheyo - 18.06.2021 Chromodoris Tritos Yonow - also known as Dorid Nudibranch, Tritos Sea Slug. Opisthobranchia - Nudibranchs - Sea Slugs meaning "naked gills" are molluscs without a hard shell. These beautiful slugs are usually brilliantly colored and this in itself can act as a [...]
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World Ocean Day

Blog Filitheyo - 08.06.2021 We celebrate this day to light the importance of oceans. As divers we withness the impact that our way of living has on the oceans. It is important to raise awarnes and contribute as much as we can, even when it [...]
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