House Reef

Spectacular! On the north side it falls to more than 50 meters. 8 entry points, all served with tank shuttle service, make for easy diving on the house reef. We have already sighted mantas and whale sharks several times right on the house reef itself. You can go on early morning, as well as on late night dives whenever you wish, provided you dive within safe guidelines. Experienced divers can explore the reef together with their diving partners. It is not compulsory to be accompanied by a diving instructor.

Wrecks on the house reef

Since November 30, 2009, the house reef at Filitheyo Island offers one more attraction. KM AGRO MINA II. This has been used for many years as fishing boat by AAA and now lies on the North side of Filitheyo Island, its last resting place. The wreck is in an upright position on the bottom at a maximum depth of 32 meters. Before sinking the 30 meter vessel we added additional openings to it, in order to facilitate easier wreck penetration. The first marine life has already moved in and not before long the first stingrays and nurse sharks will surely follow…

Another wreck was added to the house reef of Filitheyo on the 23rd December 2010. The Koimas I, with a length of 34 meters & a width of 8 meters, is a little bit larger than the KM Argro MINA II. The ship is lying at a starting depth of 21 meters, down to a maximum of 34 meters and can be dived by divers of all levels from house reef entry 5. Greetings from Truck Lagoon!