Welcome to Filitheyo

With a length of 900m and a width of 500m, Filitheyo is not a very small Maldivian island. Filitheyo is located at the Eastern outer reef of North Nilandhe Atoll and the only touristic island in this atoll. Due to Filitheyo’s solitary position you can expect untouched dive sites offering a great diversity of corals and big fishes.

You can dive on the North as well as on the South side of the house reef and one can safely say that it is spectacular. On the North side it drops down to a depth of 90m. In 2009 and 2011 we have sunk 2 wrecks on the house reef to offer even more diversity for our divers. Divers of all experience levels can dive on both wrecks. Daily trips to the surrounding dive sites also guarantee a great deal of diversification. A lot of big fishes await our divers in the channels!