Blog Fuerteventura – 03.07.2019

With us in Fuerteventura not only adults get their money’s worth.
We also have kids diving courses in our program.
The Kidi´s can already learn diving at the age of 8.
We start with a free trial dive in the pool.
Usually it is especially easy for the “little ones”.
They love to do somersaults under water and to stand on their heads.
There is the possibility to get the pinball badge silver to gold.
We will teach you in a playful way all the exercises you will later learn during your diving course.
Each badge contains three pool lessons in which also the fun factor does not remain too short.
We have underwater rockets, dive through hula-hopp tires, play Frisbee underwater and much more.
You are welcome to contact us at our email address for more information.
We would be very pleased about your interest in!

Your Werner Lau Team Fuerteventura.


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