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Blog Fuerteventura – 07.07.2019

For sure you remember these photos from one of our blogs.
Today we want to reveal the secret of this place.
Los Molinos is located in the north/west of Fuerteventura.
Just before Tefia you’ll find a path that will lead you to these beautiful places.
Meanwhile only three people live permanently in Los Molinos.
One of them is the owner of these curious little cafes.
You should bring a lot of patience when visiting this place.
The owner loves to tell stories and likes to nibble on a head of lettuce.
The cafe is absolutely in need of renovation but maybe this is the reason why it has a certain flair.
Also the hikers get their money’s worth there.
There is a hiking trail along the coast or you can explore the river bed.
On the way back you should look for the wild donkeys.
Well then, the Werner Lau Team Fuerteventura wishes you lots of fun exploring the river.

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