The girls control the world! The score is 6-3.

Fuerteventura – 03.08.2018

Remo, Tobi, Basti and Sylvie you already know but where do all the girls come from?
Christina completed the OWD course with us 3 years ago and was infected from the first breath on.
Right after the course she extended her vacation and supported us for three weeks in the dive center – now she is finally back again and tackles with us, joy prevails 🙂

Celinchen, our head youngster did her Rescue course with us one year ago, it followed a booking for the Divemaster course and afterwards the Assistant Instructor.
The underwater world and our dive center have become their second home – we just can’t get rid of them -)

Ebru came to visit us two years ago, she was immediately infected and made it from non-diver to assistant instructor in a very short time.
Ebru is definitely our sunshine and the good spirit of the house, you have the feeling she would always have been here.

Sylvia met the Fritzi on the Boot Show in Düsseldorf, the two of them immediately “sparked”.
Actually her plan was to do the Divemaster course in Egypt but after only one conversation she changed her mind.
Fritzi has already integrated into the diving life and the team on the first day, a life without Fritzi -> unimaginable 🙂

The last girl in the bunch is Kianni, our little prankster 🙂
Kianni was a guest with her family last year, and we immediately recognized her self-confident manner and diving skills.
Now she is with us for four weeks to complete her Divemaster course – her thirst for knowledge is insatiable, so the training is even more fun.
Nice that you girls are here and also sometimes a GIRLSPOWER WIND blows in the dive center….
Would you also like to get a DIVE PRO?

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