MY Sheena Tour – KW 46 – 12. – 18.11.2017

Sunday, 12.11.2017

Filitheyo Thila

All our guests arrived right in time. After all the paperwok is done we drive to the MY Sheena for our welcome-cocktail and the welcome-breefing. After that we set up our gear and get ready fort he check dive.

Monday, 13.11.2017

Filitheyo Outside – Western Highlight – Manta´s & More

During our dive we spotted 2 nurse sharks and a couple of whitetips, some moray eels and a lot of snappers said hello. After the first dive we crossed the main-channel to Meemu where we dived at the Westside of this atoll with a lot of fish, a nice coral live and a lonely Eagle Ray. Manta´s & More is waiting for us. Grey reef sharks, Eagle rays, Turtles are the standard at this famous dive-side. To our luck a zebra shark showed up as well.

Tuesday, 14.11.2017

Mantas & More – Mantas & More – Whitetip Station

Manta´s & More is so famous that we decide to dive here again. Greys, Turtles, Eagle Rays, Whitetips, one Manta and 16 Mobulas were dicovered today.

Wednesday, 15.11.2017

Lucky Reef – Whitetip Station – Lucky Reef

Very bad weather is forcing us to stay 2 days in the Meemu Atoll. Fortunately we got stuck at the most famous divesides here. Also the current was not on our side in these days. Always outgoing and a poor visibility made it not easy for the guide to find a nice channel. But we got lucky (and a very good guide on board) at every time, we have seen greys and whitetips and one time a giant grouper was the dive buddy of everyone in the group.

Thursday, 16.11.2017

Lucky Reef – Rakeedhoo Kandu – Bodu Miyaru Kandu – Alimatha House Reef

Finally we can move to the Felidhe Atoll. Sharks, Mantas and the famous nightdive at Alimatha with a lot of nurse sharks are waiting for us. Great day and happy customers.

Friday, 17.11.2017

Bodu Miyaru Kandu – Shark Point – Kingdom of Fish

Small outgoing current is taking us for a nice drift in the Bodu Miyaru Kandu. Mobulas and Turtles joined us for the ride. At Shark point we discovered a cleaning station for Grey Reefsharks and during the safety stop a few Feathertail Stingrays passing by. Super strong ougoing current transforming the last dive of the day into an workout. Great experience

Saturday, 18.11.2017

Western Highlight – Filitheyo Outside

The last dives of this trip brings us sharks and a very bad visibility. But all the guest are happy, not a single dive without a shark. Mission accomplished.

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