Logbook 02. – 09.02.2020

MY Sheena – 7 days tour from Filitheyo to Filitheyo

We receive our 9 guests and brief our route. This also includes our safety at sea briefing.

03 February 2020

Dive 1 – One Way Ticket
Dive 2 – Western Highlight
Dive 3 – Happy Corner

We start our day with a check dive on the nearby One Way ticket. This drift dive is a good warm up for our divers before we start doing channel dives.

The second dive we do after we cross from Faafu to Meemu atoll. The Western highlight is a large thila in a channel with a great chance of eagle ray’s and white-tip reef sharks.
We spotted a few large napoleon wrasses. 

The third dive of the day  is Happy corner. 
With a strong incoming current proved a challenge but made for good visibility and plenty Grey reef sharks.

04 February 2020

Dive 4 – White Tip Station
Dive 5 – Happy Corner
Dive 6 – Happy Corner

We start our day with diving at White tip station,  near Digarhoo island where we spent our first night in the Meemu atoll.
With a medium incoming current we have good visibility and many grey reef sharks.

The second and third dive of the day, we revisit Happy corner.
strong oceanic current that helps us make successful crossings.
This site has a very nice profile on the lucky reef side corner , wich allows for good extension of dive time through multi leveling while keeping the shark action close.

Afterwards we cross from Meemu to Vaavu atoll. 

05 February 2020

Dive 7 – Vataaru Kandu
Dive 8 – Rakeedshoo Corner
Dive 9 – Fotteyo

The day starts with a dive at Vataaru Kandu.
Good shark encounters, including a few young silver tip sharks and eagle ray’s.

Our second dive of the day is at Rakeedhoo corner.
This dive has a very good step like profile allowing us a good multi level profile.
Giant trevallies and schools of jack fish.
A Hawksbill turtle made an appearance followed by a feather tail stingray, big grey reefs and a few mobula ray’s.

Our final dive of the day is at Fotteyo.
A channel with great profile on the outside of the faru, also a long thilla inside.
Sightings included grey reef, white-tip reef shark, eagle rays, big Napoleon wrasses and giant trevallies.

06 February 2020

Dive 10 – Fotteyo
Dive 11 – Fushi Kandu
Dive 12 – Alimatha Uthuru Kandu
Dive 13 – Alimatha House Reef

We start our day slightly earlier, for Fotteyo open blue water dive.
We spot two scalloped hammer head sharks and a small pod of spinner dolphins at the end of the dive.

The second dive is at Fushi kandu.
This narrow channel is great for crossings.
With a healthy shark population. 

The third dive of the day is at Alimatha Uthuru kandu.
This channel has  geat current splits on the corners where bigger grey reefs congregations stay. 
The visibility improved on the corners.
This is where we spent most of our dive, after a quick crossing of the channel.

Our final dive of the day is at Alimatha jetty.
This night dive gave us countless nurse sharks and many big stingrays

07 February 2020

Dive 14 – Alimatha Uthuru Kandu (Vaavu Atoll)
Dive 15 – Lucky Reef
Dive 16 – Western Highlight

Our first dive is at Alimatha uthuru kandu.
very good visibility and hardly any current allow us to go any way we please.

We make a crossing from from Vaavu to Meemu atoll.
Second dive at Lucky reef.
A very strong incoming current brings good shark sightings and many eagle ray’s.

The third dive is Western highlight. 
We have a strong outgoing current with less visibility. 
Some eagle rays and mostly white-tip reef sharks.
One bigger grey reef shark spotted on the north side of this thilla.

08 February 2020

Dive 17 – Kingdom Of Fish
Dive 18 – Filitheyo Outside

Our first dive is at the Kingdom of fish.
This site has a few thillas inside the channel making for good makro life such as scorpion leaf fish and some rare shrimps.
Afterwards we cross from Meemu to Vaavu atoll.

The final dive of the tour is at Filitheyo outside. 
This site on outgoing current made for some good macro sightings and white tip reef sharks.

We end our day with happy hour drinks at the bar on the island of Filitheyo.

09 February 2020

Today is the day we have to say good buy to everybody. We are looking forward to see each of you again one day.

Many thanks to our great guests and crew for an exceptional tour.

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