MY Sheena Logbook 17. – 23.11.2019

17 November 2019

New week on the Sheena bringing new under water adventure, for our Polish guests.
14 Iron divers fill the MY Sheena rooms, with pure excitement.
The late arrival time for our guests made for a late lunch and rest.
After a wonderfully prepared dinner, our tired guests get to rest. 

18 November 2019

Dive 1 – Dolphin Faru
Dive 2 – Kingdom of Fish
Dive 3 – Wite Tip Station

We start our day with a check dive on the close by Dolphin faaru.
This site is not too far from where our guests landed via sea plane.
The check dive was blessed with good visibility and a very mild current allows our guests a good introduction back into Maldivian waters, as well the chance to fine tune there weighting to the perfect amount.

Next dive kingdom of fish,
a thila packed with lovely reef fish, big napoleon wrasse and some smaller eagle rays flying high above.

White tip station allows our guests to experience a slightly stronger incoming current with an amazingly deep hidden cave in the channel surrounded by a massive school of big eye jack fish with white tip reef sharks passing by the drop off.

19 November 2019

Dive 4 – Happy Corner
Dive 5 – Rakeedhoo Kandu
Dive 6 – Fulidhoo Caves

After a good warm beverage and snack we make our first dive of the day at the very mild outgoing allowing us to cross this channel and see many gray reef sharks.

Rakeedoo kandu gave us some beautiful over hangs to play out our buoyancy amongst some big groupers and fusiliers.

Fulidhoo caves was a calmer drift, to end our day of diving off with and rewarded us with a beautiful reef manta who got very close to our group.

20 November 2019

Dive 7 – 13 Eagle Rays
Dive 8 – Just like of the old times
Dive 9 – Just like of the old times
Dive 10 – Alimatha House Reef

A very early start to our day, as we get to do four dives one of which is a night dive!

13 Eagle rays as our first dive of the day sporting some amazing schools of fish and structures including a crack like canyon and deep drop off.

Two great dives on just like old times one with outgoing and the next with incoming current allowing our divers to see this hotspot from all sides.
With incoming current bringing us plenty shark sightings and on the outgoing current we saw a perhaps a once in a lifetime glimpse of a manta mating ritual!

To top the day off we ended with a spectacular night dive off the Alimata jetty with countless nurse sharks one curious blacktip reef-shark, close encounter with large stingrays and big hunting jack fish.

21 November 2019

Dive 11 – Bodu Miyaru Kandu
Dive 12 – Golden Wall
Dive 13 – Fushi KAndu

Another great day for diving and as normal 6 A.M. wake up.
Bodu Miyaru kandu crossing, followed by a crossing of the golden wall  a rare chance where conditions and divers were up for the challenge.
Our last dive of the day was Fushi kandu another great channel with good shark encounters and great coral life.


22 November 2019

Dive 14 – Fottheyo
Dive 15 – Shark Point
Dive 16 – Happy Corner

First dive of the day Fotheyo great current brought us many big fish like jacks and grouper.
Shark point was a definite highlight as eagle ray encounters and great profile ending with some shallow caves made for a great end of the dive.
Happy corner proves to be a grey reef-shark hotspot. Unfortunately the visibility was lacking, hence we decide on making our next morning dive here.

23 November 2019

Dive 17 – Happy Corner
Dive 18 – Western Highlight

Our last diving day of this week on the Sheena.
Outgoing current with a perfectly timed change to incoming allowed for a great profile to our dive, aswell as much better visibility allowing us the full picture of the grey reef-sharks, eagle rays and schooling Jacks.

Our final dive on western highlight was off to a great start with schooling eagle rays then followed by some divers running across the sand with no fins and other antics to celebrate a great safari tour.
This Thila with its great amount of healthy corals and macro life, accompanied by many schooling snappers made for beautiful last dive.

As we return to Filitheyo we have a merry last evening with jokes and drinks as divers compare footage and stories from there safari.

Big thanks to the Captain and crew, as well as our awesome Polish guests.

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