MY Sheena Logbook – 19. – 26.05.2019

7 Day Tour – Filitheyo – Filitheyo

With a total of 8 guests Florian and Sinan start this Sheena Tour – the last tour before the dry dock.


19.05.2019                Dolphins Corner / Fanbo Housereef / White Tip Station

20.05.2019               Lucky Reef / Shark Point / Vattaru Kandu

21.05.2019              Vattaru Kandu / Golden Wall / Fottheyo

22.05.2019              Fottheyo / Alimatha Utheru Kandu / Alimatha Utheru Kandu / Alimatha Housereef

23.05.2019               Bodu Miyaru Kandu / Rekeedhoo Kandu / White Tip Station

24.05.2019                Happy Corner / Little Channel South

After all the paperwork with the guests is done and everyone knows how the tours on the Sheena works, we start our tour from Filitheyo and drive over to Meemu Atoll on Monday.

The currents of this tour have it all for us – in and outgoing, from almost no current at all to strong currents. Also the weather will play along.

We start with the check dive and give every guest the opportunity to slowly get used to the Maldivian conditions. Over the next few days there will be something for everyone.

Highlight of the tour are certainly Lucky Reef or Happy Corner – a channel that can be dived from both sides and that can also be crossed easily. Especially Happy Corner is an absolutely great dive site. The corner at the channel entrance offers so much to see. Overhangs, blocks and always a lot of schooling fish, barracudas, big trevallies, fuseliere and much more. Mostly we also have eagle rays and Napoleons here.

We dive the channels with incoming and outgoing currents and often have the opportunity to cross them to watch the action in the channels. Often the crossing is not easy. Here it is important to always stay in the current shadow jsut below the edge. It is recommended to always stay below the edge for a relaxed dive. Here in the current shadow you can swim back and forth and enjoy almost effortlessly.

Fottheyo is also always a highlight. The canal is not very deep and we always have the opportunity to see the many colourful overhangs in front of the canal. Here there is beside the life, in front of the canal also much to see in the overhangs. Large gorgonians and fan corals with long nose hawk fish and lots of small things, moray eels, octopods etc..

After seven days this tour is finished as well. Now it is time to send the Sheena into the dry dock. We look forward to our first tour and the new season on 14.07.2019.

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