MY Sheena Logbook – 24.11. – 01.12.2019

1 week charter with 8 guest, Tour from Filitheyo to Filitheyo

24 November 2019

Another day one the legendary Sheena.
We welcomed our guests from Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom on Filitheyo Island to have a short relaxed stay and the check-in.
After we went on the sheena, had a welcome drink, a welcome briefing and an amazing lunch made by our chef Paseedu.
As the group was too tired, we decided not to do the check-dive today, but this did not mean we would not discover any marine life.
Our captain Harrish spotted a Manta and got all the guests on the Dinghy for a Manta discovering tour and of course we found him. Even at night he was circling around the boat and made some nice barrel roles.

25 November 2019

Dive 1 – One way ticket
Dive 2 – Kingdom of Fish
Dive 3 – Mantas and more

Good morning everybody, our Sheena divers love to wake up at 6:00 am to get ready for the briefing at 6:20 am and the dive at 6:30 am. We made our check dive at One Way  ticket – an easy dive site as a warm up, adjusting weight and get used to diving again. We saw a few Napoleons, white tip sharks, some huge tunas and of course plenty of schools. All in all a nice warm up.

For our second dive we crossed over to the Meemu Atoll and a dive site called Kingdom of Fish. As Poseidon loves the Sheena and his guest he gave us 25m + visibility and a small outgoing current. After the negative entry we came down in front of the Tila and found an amazing load of fish, a first eagle ray, some napoleons and white tips. The corals at this divesite are amazing healthy and beautiful as well – a real eye catcher.

For the last dive of the day we went to Manta’s and more and we definitely had a lot “more” than Manta’s. With a beautiful incoming current we drifted shortly along the Faaru before going down to the channel edge to find a huge amount of grey reef sharks, massive napoleons and tuna’s as big as grey reef sharks, but this were only the highlights – between the huge schools of fish we also find mobolas and many other fish.

In the evening we went on the local island to Diggharu to discover the fish fabric and the local culture. The locals are very welcoming and friendly. Many guests were afraid this is a selling tour in beginning, but nobody spend a $ here, so no worries.

26 November 2019

Dive 4 – Mantas and more
Dive 5 – Shark point
Dive 6 – Happy Corner

Morning dive at Manta’s and More and this time with only a small outgoing current. We still had a few sharks, three friendly turtle’s, a huge napoleon and loads of smaller marine life like baby white tips and even baby napoleons. A highlight was a brownish triangle shaped stingray in the distance which was about 2m wide – even after plenty of research we could not find out what we saw, maybe a new species.

For the second dive we went to Shark point with an outgoing current so we decided to jump on the faaru with a nice current from the west with beautiful overhangs. There were as well two small tongues reaching out from the faaru to ca. 30-34 m and plenty of grey reef sharks at this cleaning stations. We ended our dive at the huge tongue at the corner of this dive site with huge schools of fish and another massive napoleon.

27 November 2019

Dive 7 – Happy Corner
Dive 8 – Rakeedhoo Corner
Dive 9 – Alimatha Housereef

The receipt for a good mood all day: waking up, a coffee, a briefing, dive site Happy Corner, a medium outgoing current and the following: massive schools of barracuda, trevallies, jack fish, spiced up with plenty of grey reef sharks, eagle rays, an octopus and huge napoleons. The day could not have started better.

For the second dive we went to Rakedoo Corner with a medium to strong outgoing current. After a quick drift we hang on at the massive tongue on quite a depth and saw again many schools of fish, some white tips, a lobster, a huge turtle and the end a mobula.

The last dive was taking place at the legendary Alimatha Housereef. The one’s reading the blog know all about it: 100’s of nurse sharks, stingrays and trevallies come as close as possible to every diver – just amazing and fun!

28 November 2019

Dive 10 – Alimatha Uthuru Kandu
Dive 11 – Golden Wall
Dive 12 – Fushi Kandu

Today Poseidon is not in a good mood… We got a bit unlucky with outgoing currents and bad visibilities of ca. 8-15 m, but still managed to see schools of barracuda, swarms of jack fish and many others, also some sharks were around of course. The first dive at Alimatha Uthuru Kandu and the second dive at Golden Wall and for the third ohne we went to Fushi Kandu.

After this hard day of diving we relaxed on a sandbank with sunset and beers.

29 November 2019

Dive 13 – Fotteyo
Dive 14 – Vattaru Kandu
Dive 15 – Happy Corner

After a cozy night with a little bit of a movement and plenty of rain we headed to Fotteyo for our good morning dive. As it was quite dark and rainy there were no high expectations, but there we go, never underestimate a dive before you in the water. We saw plenty of grey reef sharks and eagle rays, so a nice surprise for this morning. At Fotteyo we finally got our old luck back with a visibility of ca. 25m. Directly at the beginning we had 2 white tips and a nurse shark sleeping, many schools of fish and towards the end we had a manta in the distance and a few more eagle rays.

30 November 2019

Dive 16 – white tip station
Dive 17 – Divers paradise

For our prelast dive we were going to White Tip Station. We had a beautiful outgoing current, but unfortunately not so good visibility. In the end we could still see a few white tips, turtles, schools of barracuda and many more small stuff.

Last, but not least we had a dive at Divers Paradise with better visibility, again some nice white tips, a nurse shark, one massive barracuda and many schools of fish. After a 2 hour ride back to Filitheyo we ended the trip with a happy hour at the bar and a couple of drinks.

1 December 2019

A beautiful week with amazing dives ends with a last wake up call and embarking the Sheena. Big thanks from the sheena crew to all our lovely guests for the beautiful trips.
Enjoy your week on Filitheyo and hopefully see you soon at Werner Lau.

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