MY Sheena Logbook – 29.07. – 05.08.2018

Arrival and departure day!


Dive 1 Dolphins Corner

Nice and chilled start of the day with a slow incoming current, which carries us along the faru over to the corner.

Along the drift we been accompanied by some white tip reefsharks and the corner was full of fish including an big courious Napoleon.


Dive 1 Little Channel South

Dive 2 Western Highlights

Dive 3 White Tip Station

The morning dive at little channel south starts with an unexpected slow outgoing current. We are still able to explore beautiful blocks in the deep middle of the channel as well as the colorful overhangs on the south-side of the spot.

The two other channels surprises us with a smooth incoming current leading us through a group of sharks and big swarms of barracudas.


Dive 1 Happy Corner

Dive 2 Vattaru Kandu

Dive 3 Alimatha

Unfortunatly we had an incoming current at Vattaru Kandu and the expectation for mantas is pretty low. But anyway we had great colorful overhangs and some big Grey Reef Sharks while crossing the channel. And … big surprice: A huge Manta just passing by.

The night dive at Alimatha was great as usual. This time around 50 nurse sharks been swimming around us and through our groep.  It’s a spectacle every time!


Dive 1 Miaru Kandu

Dive 2 Sleeping Beauty

Dive 3 Just like the old times

Again a nice day with loads if swarn fush. “Just like the old times” wasn’t like usal. The outgoing current fuses ous to the corner. Here we found a block with an uncountable amount of Lobsters.


Dive 1 Kandooma Thila

Dive 2 Kandooma Thila

Dive 3 Guraidhoo Corner

What a big luck today! Already on the way to the divespot we could spot mantas next to the Dhoni. The divers just crabbed

Heute hatten wir wirklich Glück. Schon während wir die Tauchplätze anfuhren, konnten wir einige Mantas vom Dhonia aus erkenne. The guests just grabbed mask and snorkel and we could snorkel with 5 manta rays. We had the same spectacle again on the way back from the dive site to Sheena.

The dive sites themselves were typically Maldivian filled with sharks and schools of eagle rays. Great day!


Dive 1 Bodu Miaru Kandu

Dive 2 Guraidhoo Corner

Dive 3 Lankan Reef

Dive 4 HP Reef

Today was macro day. During our dives we had uncountable nudi branches, stonefishes, scorpion fishes and one frogg fish.

Hp Reef surprised with his insane landscape of soft corals and one massive sleeping green turtle in his soft coral bed.


Dive 1 Sunlight Thila

Dive 2 Fishfactory

A good end of the trip we had a Sunlight Thila, where we dived the big blocks inside the channel, which werefull of glass-fish and shrimps .

Fish Factory was full of moray eels and rays, looking around for left overs from the fish factory. Lots of fish life on an otherwise not too spectacular reef.


This tour is over again. We thank all guests and wish you a pleasant flight home.

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