Sheena Logbook 04.03. – 11.03.2018

Logbook - Maldives - MY Sheena

New week, new luck – we start our transfer tour in Filitheyo and drive down to the south, to Gaafu Alifu Atoll.


Our last guests arrived around 2 pm. After all the paperwork is done we drive to the Sheena for our welcome-cocktail and welcome-beefing.

Dolphins Corner

After lunch we started our check dive at Dolphins corner.

Slightly incoming current, nice smooth dive with a group of white tip sharks and an alpha male Napoleon.


Filitheyo Outside – Western Highlight – Happy Corner

We start our first dive of the day at Filitheyo outside. Some barracudas, whitetip reef sharks and lots of snapper welcome us.

After crossing the canal to Memu Atoll, we dive the west side of the canal which is known for a variety of soft corals. Numerous fish swarms and a school of eagle rays made the picture even more multifaceted.

Happy Corner convinces as usual with its enormous number of sharks. This time there were about 60 grey reef sharks and we had a strong incoming current. Perfect for this place.



White Tip Station – Mantas and More – Valley of the Ray

Mega dive day! We can summarize all the dives and say comprehensively that we have seen more than expected. We had many grey reef sharks, many white tip reef sharks, a huge school of eagle rays as well as manta rays and bumphead parrotfishes.


Valley of the rays – Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast

Marco Diving at Valley of the Ray. Unfortunately, the manta rays did not show up this morning. But there was a lot of small stuff like nudibranches, a stonefish and much more to see.

After this dive we will set off for Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

The next dive at Beauty and the Beast in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll was so enjoyable that we also did the third dive of the day here. We were rewarded with a big school of eagle rays, many, many sharks and a lot of fish.



Dhiamigili Kandu – Jackfish Channel – Sharks and Rays

The day was filled with a great variety of sharks.

At the early morning dive at Dhiamigili Kandu we started the dive in blue water looking for hammerhead sharks. Unfortunately, they didn’t show up today. We were accompanied instead by a few silvertip reef sharks. The main sea current pulled us about 3 km along the outer reef of the island. Our Dhoni crew was accordingly surprised… all surface balloons were in action to draw attention to us…

The following dives were worthy of their names: Jackfish Channel and Sharks and Rays….



Dolphins Channel – Hithadhoo Corner

Sharks, sharks, sharks and even more sharks. The grey reef sharks were so close you could almost touch them. A strong incoming current made us fly along the edge of the canal. Many, many snappers, barracudas, eagle rays and a large silvertip reef shark at the end of our day. Maldives diving at its best!


Viligilli Kandu – Kooddoo Kandu

Our last two dives on this tour are again canal dives and lead us through huge barracuda schools. Besides, we had lots of sharks again – on top a beautiful silver tip passed by.


The tour is finished. All guests are on their way back home or will spend another week on the MY Sheena. We had a great week and are looking forward to the next tour!

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