Sheena Logbook 18.03. – 25.03.2018

Logbook - Maldives - MY Sheena

A group with many experienced divers and some repeaters await us this week. We are looking forward …. We start and end in Gaafu Alifu Atoll and make a short side-trip to Fuvah Mula Atoll. Let’s see if we can continue the last week with great underwater experiences.


Kooddoo Outside – Nilandhoo Kandu – Maarehaa – BBQ Island House Reef

The first dives starting very well. On the boat we have a very experienced repeater group. The dives are filled with many sharks, eagle rays and big napoleons.

We did a fourth dive at BBQ Island after visiting a lonely island and having a small photo session there. Everybody had a lot of fun!

The night dive at BBQ Island was very cool. Four interesting giant spias examined our group. There were also a lot of turtles and small things to see.


Gemana Fushi Outside – Varufaa Thundi

First on the agenda was an early morning drift dive along the Farus. With a medium current we had a few grey reef sharks and a nice silver tip.

Directly afterwards we drove to the Fohamulha Atoll and dived there at the house reef, where there was a lot of small stuff to discover, among other things two leaf fish.



Fulahmulah Muli – Fulahmulah Muli – Fulahmulah Harbour – Fulahmulah Muli

We started with a strong current that blows us directly over the plateau, massive barracudas below us and a tiger shark.

The dive at Fulahmula Harbour was filled with sharks: 2 tiger sharks, a silver tip and a very nice tresher shark.

Great day!



Fulahmulah Muli -Maareha

Unfortunately already our last dive at Fohamulha but an absolute highlight. Great, clear view and lots of fish.

After this dive we went back to Gaafu Alifu Atoll. Here we dived at Maareha and were surprised by a giant whale shark while we watched two Napoleons eating. He’ll be with us for about five minutes. All done right! The guests were all happy – for many it was the first whale shark ever.



Gemana Fushi Outside – Vodamula Kandu – Kuredhoo Kandu – Boodhoo Housereef

Channels for a change, finally! As always there were lots of grey reef sharks. This just never gets boring! In addition, we had large shoals of yellow stripe snaps, sweet lips and barracudas.

The night dive at Boodhoo house reef was also very nice. A beautiful, intact reef with many hunting species including a stonefish strolling along the sandy bottom.



Maarehaa – Vodamulaa Kandu – Kuredhoo Kandu

Medium strong current all day long, smoother drift along the canal edges as well as many, many snappers, a few eagle rays and some grey reef sharks. Everything’s great!


Viligilli Kandu – Koodhoo Harbour

The last canal dives of this trip took us through a school of barracuda, snapper and grey reef sharks.

The dive at Koodhoo Harbour didn’t brought us the expected blacktip sharks, but we were surprised with big napoleons, turtles and a bumphead parrotfish.



Also this 7 day tour in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll is over. Last one for this year. Next week we will return from Gaafu Alifu Atoll to Filitheyo. It was again great down south and we already look forward to next year and the places in Gaafu Alifu and Fuva Mulah Atoll.


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