Sheena Logbook 21.01. – 04.02.2018

Logbook - Maldives - MY Sheena


A New trip to a new start to the next 2 weeks of Sheena.

Filitheyo – Sheena

Today is the day we meet and greet the people we will be sailing and diving with in the next 2 weeks.

Because today is a simple and quiet day, we give our guests a complete briefing about the boat, including a small tour and lunch. Today everyone wanted to relax and not go diving, but start the next day.

In the evening, after all the guests had finished their dinner, the entire staff was lined up, as it is a tradition at the Sheena that before the start of the journey there is a performance of all the staff who will take care of the guests for the next 2 weeks of the adventure.


Filitheyo (Faafu Atoll)

Today we shall stay in Faafu Atoll doing 3 dives creating 2 groups between the guides Ali & Ved

Dive 1 – Dolphin Corner

Dive 2 – Barracuda Kandu

Dive 3 – Little Channel South

Dolphin Corner – (Check Dive)

With a medium southeast incoming current, we chose to jump closer towards the corner and drifting with the current. The topography of this dive sites is a plateau wich starts from 3m and goes down into the channel towards 30m+. With fish life consisting of White-tip Reef Sharks, Bat Fish, Napoleon, Surgeon Fish to turtles. With the current being medium is was a good start to see how everyone reacts and learn how to use the reef hook. With the conclusion of the first dive our diving have just begun.

Barracuda Kandu – (Channel Dive)

With a medium towards strong southeast incoming current we chose this time to jump not too close to the corner but a little into the blue to make it a bit challenging by also doing a negative entry. With plan to go towards the drop of of the channel where there are some overhangs so that we could view the action of some Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays. with our bottom reaching close to its limits we chose to gradually rise and drift towards the reef to finally end the dive with a big school of Bat Fish.

Little Channel South – (Wall Dive)

With an small incoming current the plan was clear jump in the middle and descend to a maximum depth of 25m and slowly doing a multi level dive and rising up. The topography of this dive site the wall top starts from 4m goes down to 30m+ with big overhangs starting from 10m to 16m with a lots of soft coral to look at.. One of the few dive sites that have been less affected of the El-Nino in comparison to the others. The dive site creates something which are eddies (Where the current creates a washing machine effect) which is good that mean more fish and more sharks. At this sites we see White-tip Reef Sharks, Turtles to Long-nose Hawk Fish. With the conclusion of day one of our diving adventures.


Filitheyo (Faafu Atoll) – Meemu Atoll

Today we shall do one dive early in the morning at Faafu atoll and then head 2 hours East towards Meemu atoll to do the other 2 dives.

Dive 4 – Filitheyo Outside

Dive 5 – Western Highlight

Dive 6 – Valley Of Rays

Filitheyo Outside – (Outside reef)

With a small northeast incoming current. We chose to jump in the middle. At this dive site there are some Grey Reef Sharks and occasionally some Eagle Rays. The topography of the dive site is a plateau coming out for the island starting from a depth of 6m and going down to 30m+. During this dive the highlight was a Leafy Scorpion Fish which was hiding inside a coral block. at the end of the dive we had a big school of Bat Fish circle all the divers till the safety stop was completed.

Western Highlight – (Tila Dive)

With a small incoming current and visibility being 25m+ this dive site is one of the best sites I have seen in terms of coral life. The words that’s only come out of my mouth were WOW. Starting from a depth of 8m going down to around 28m this reef is healthy with zero signs of and coral bleaching something which s very rare to witness. The fish life at this dive site was also in abundance from it consisting of School of Jack Fish, Barracudas to Napoleons and Turtles.

Valley Of Rays – (Valley Dive)

With a small outgoing current, we dive a site where there is not much coral life but consists of a Holy Rock. A holy rock where Mantas come and visit to get themselves cleaned. This maximum Depth of this dive site goes down to 16m and holy rock starts from 14m to 16m. As the current was small not many visitors of the beautiful gentle creatures. But a sighting of 6 Mantas also end the day on a beautiful note.


Meemu Atoll – Thaa Atoll

Today we do one dive in Meemu Atoll and then head on a 2-hour journey towards down south west Thaa Atoll.

Dive 7 – Valley Of Rays

Dive 8 – The Beauty and The Beast

Dive 9 – Exploration Channel

Valley Of Rays – (Valley Dive)

With a medium to strong outgoing current the dive was the perfect start of the day. Once arrived on the Holy Rock (Cleaning Station) there were Mantas everywhere and a small little octopus hiding a coral block wanting some attention too. It was like a show where the true beauty of the underwater world was at its showcase for 60 min.

The Beauty and The Beast – (Channel Dive)

With a small to medium incoming current. We decided to let’s start getting the guests ready and learn more about channel dives. The length of this channel was around 400m in width with the top of the edge starting at 22m and the drop off going down to 60m+. The visibility of this dive was around 20m – 25m. In terms of fish life a few Grey Reef Sharks, White-tip, Napoleons and lots of small reef fish swimming at near the drop off.

Exploration Channel – (Channel Dive)

With the current dropping. We had a very small incoming current. The length of this channel is around 120m in width. With a 2 Grey Reef sharks and some White-tip Reef Sharks this dive did not have much to provide but a nice and easy relaxing dive to end the day with.


Thaa Atoll – Laamu Atoll

The plan stays the same. We do one dive in Thaa Atoll and then travel on a 2 hour journey south to the next Atoll called Laamu to do the other 2 dives.

Dive 10 – Olhugiri Kandu

Dive 11 – Maxims Kandu

Dive 12 – Dolphin Kandu

Olhugiri Kandu – (Channel Dive)

With medium incoming from the north east and visibility being between 20m to 25m. The channel had a few Grey Reef Sharks, A few White-Tip Reef Sharks, A Eagle Ray. The width of this channel was around 250m to 300m in width. In the middle of the

channel there were a few coral blocks which consisted of lush purple hemp coral.

Maxims – (Channel Dive)

A channel with the width of around 800m+ this is a very wide channel. The current on this dive was a medium incoming current. As the channel was so wide we would have to jump in the middle of the channel little into the blue and then drift towards the drop off to witness all the action taking place. The starts from 25m and the drop-off goes down to 60m+. There schools of Silver-Tip Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, White-Tip Reef Sharks, Napoleons, Big Eye Trevally and lots of other fish. WHAT A DIVE


Dolphin Kandu – (Channel Dive)

You would expect with the name Dolphin Kandu to have some Dolphins. But this channel with its width being 250m and a small northeast incoming current and visibility being at 20m. The dive innately had not much to provide but when reaching the corner of the channel the was an explosion of just 30-40 Grey Reef Sharks and some White-Tip Sharks with big schools of fish passing by… i would say a good end to a day again.


Laamu Atoll – Gaafu Alifu Atoll

The plan today is to do two dives in Laamu Atoll and then cross the one-and-a-half-degree channel to reach Gaafu Alifu. The journey to Gaafu Alifu will take 7 hours to reach.

Dive 13 – Dolphin Kandu

Dive 14 – Hithadoo Corner

Dolphin Kandu – (Channel Dive)

After ending the previous day with good dive and so many sharks, the guests wanted to repeat the dive site as it was close and the best option to see more sharks. The current on this dive was medium incoming current. This time we jumped close a little before the corner and there they were but lots more sharks in the numbers on 50-60 Grey Reef Sharks, some White-Tip Reef Sharks passing by too. But I would say a good start to a morning dive

Hithadoo Corner – (Corner Dive)

The plan was to dive another channel dive but with the change in the current now in the afternoon we had some medium to strong outgoing current. The visibility was not great but good in its own way. In terms of fish life there were lots of big Green Turtles, Napoleon, a big school of Snappers and lots more other reef fish…

With the end of only doing two dives today now we cross the one and half degree channel to reach Gaafu Alifu.


Gaafu Alifu Atoll

The plan is to stay in Gaafu Alifu for the next 3 days and experience some outstanding diving in this atoll.

Dive 15 – Viligili Kandu

Dive 16 – Nilandhoo Kandu

Dive 17 – Maarehaa Kandu

Viligili Kandu – (Channel Dive)

The plan before the dive was to cross this channel. but once arriving and seeing and doing a current check we were having a small outgoing current (In simple words not good for a channel dive and no Sharks) But the dive did provide some surprises by it having some big Green Turtles, White-Tip Reef Sharks and the highlight of the dive was a Leopard Shark where this shark chose to sleep and camouflage its self with the reef. But it couldn’t hide from the guides eyes… A great start to the diving in Gaafu Alifu irrespective of the current change to outgoing

Nilandhoo Kandu – (Channel Dive)

With the change in the current towards incoming and the current being small to medium southeast incoming. The plan was jump in the middle a bit more in the blue and swim towards drop off. The visibility on this dive was outstanding with it being around 30m+. We descended and there was an explosion where there only Grey Reef Sharks passing. Wherever you looked there were these Grey Reef Sharks passing. I would say without any exaggeration there was around 70-80 Grey Reef Shark. WOW WOW WOW are the only words that come to my mouth…what a second dive.

Maarehaa Kandu – (Channel Dive)

With the current being a medium to strong southeast incoming. This dive site was class. There was everything you really don’t know where to look there are Silver-Tip & Grey Reef Sharks passing in the front, Some Napoleon also swimming against the current then a school of seven Eagle Rays suddenly arriving in the show. In the Background there was a big school of Jackfish it looked like there was some sort of migration taking place. Even though the visibility was at around 15m-18m it was outstanding. What an end to day. Speechless and in a state of WOW WOW WOW.


Gaafu Alifu Atoll

The plan is remain in this Atoll and do 3 dives here.

Dive 18 – Gemanafushi Outside

Dive 19 – Maarehaa Kandu

Dive 20 – Vodamulaa Kandu

Gemanafushi Outside – (Dawn Dive to look for Hammerheads Sharks)

As we were having outgoing current in the morning we decided let’s do a blue water dive to go look for Hammerhead Sharks swim 30min in the blue and then turn around towards the reef. Unfortunately, there weren’t any Hammerhead Sharks but a just diver’s bubbles. soon We turned back to the reef and stayed there for a while. the reef had some coral blocks but not very healthy. We did end up seeing one massive Green Turtle. An easy and relaxing dive.

Maarehaa Kandu – (Channel Dive)

After the last dive on the previous day all the guest on board wanted to repeat it again. The current was a small to medium southeast incoming current. This dive site didn’t disappoint at all. It gave a show and Wow it was SHARKS, SHARKS, SHARKS

Vodamulaa Kandu – (Channel Dive)

With a very strong incoming current and when I say very strong this was some real hardcore current. With such current there were lots of Grey Reef Sharks, a single Eagle Ray suddenly arriving in the scene with some schools of Jacks and Big Eye Trevally but with the visibility being a bit down as there was a cold-water current after the depth of 27m but for sure there many more sharks and lots more fish down there. An end to a day where diving still shows you how small you compared to natures currents.


Gaafu Alifu Atoll

The plan today is to do 4 dives and remain in this atoll and enjoy some spectacular diving

Dive 21 – Nilandhoo North

Dive 22 – Viligili Kandu

Dive 23 – Koodhoo Kandu

Dive 24 – Boaddoo House Reef (Night Dive)

Nilandhoo North – (Reef Dive)

With a medium outgoing current in the morning and the visibility being at 18m. This dive site did indeed provide some surprises with the reef being full of healthy coral blocks and lots of Georgian fan coral. In terms on fish life the dive site had some Napoleons, Turtles, Groupers, White-Tip Sharks and lots of small reef fish. A good and relaxing drift dive indeed.

Viligili Kandu – (Channel Dive)

With the plan earlier being to look for some Oceanic Black-Tip Sharks as we were still expecting some outgoing current. But once nearing the channel we could see the current had changed towards incoming. With a medium incoming current and visibility being at limited to 17m.The Channel drop off had lots to provide but big schools of Jack Fish with some Napeloans and with always we had some Grey Reef Sharks with some White-Tip Sharks passing by.

Koodhoo Kandu – (Channel Dive)

With a small incoming current coming from the northeast and the visibility being at 20m.After the 20m there was a thermocline. But a lot of fish life form plenty of Grey Reef Sharks passing off the drop off to big schools of Jack Fish, Some Napoleons and an octopus looking at all the divers wondering what are these guys up to. Good dive.

Boaddoo House Reef (Night Dive)

With a small incoming current coming from the north. This dive was special because one of our divers (Annegret) were reaching their 400th dive. On the Sheena we have tradition when you reach such a milestone we as guides do something in the water but I cannot tell you guys now it’s for you to come and find out what happens. The dive site though was very beautiful lots and lots of hard coral it was a complete coral garden down there. For fish life is seems only a few of them were awake but we still saw a Leafy Scorpion Fish, some Banded Boxer Shrimp and lots of other small fish in the coral sleeping. A good end to a day.


Gaafu Alifu Atoll – Laamu Atoll

The plan today is to do 2 dives at Gaafu Alifu Atoll and then travel back on a 8hr to Laamu Atoll.

Dive 25 – Viligili Outside

Dive 26 – Koodoo Kandu

Viligili Outside (Reef Dive)

With the dive sites was more like the house reef of the island Viligili. There was a small outgoing current there with lots of reef fish and some passing Eagle rays and some big Green Turtle and in the sandy area there was one big Marble Ray just chilling.

Koodoo Kandu – (Channel Dive)

As the guest wanted to repeat this site. We do it again.. The current was small to medium incoming current. The visibility of the dive was around 18m after a depth of 25m the was thick thermocline but big schools of Grey Reef and two Eagle Rays passed by. Other than that some Napoleons were also swimming around.


Laamu Atoll – Thaa Atoll

The plan was to do 2 dives in Laamu Atoll and the Last dive of the day in Thaa Atoll.

Dive 27 – Hitadoo Outside

Dive 28 – Jack Fish Channel (Aka Maxim Kandu)

Dive 29 – Dhiyamigiri Kandu

Hitadoo Outside – (Reef Dive)

With a small outgoing current going from south to north and the visiblity being at 12m. The site was a bit murky and cold. but there were plenty of fish from Snappers to Fusiliers to lots of small reef fish..But a cold early morning dive.

Jack Fish Channel (Aka Maxim Kandu) – (Channel Dive)

With us returning back towards Thaa Atoll the guests wanted to repeat the site again. With a small incoming current the dive was still beautiful with some Grey Reef Sharks, Napoleons, Turtles, Big Schools of Jack Fish and some eagle rays the dive had everything …

Dhiyamigiri Kandu (Channel Dive)

With a strong incoming current and the visibility being at 15m.There were a a few Grey Reef Sharks, Some White-Tip Reef Sharks and some Snappers while the rest of the reef fish were just like the divers all stuck to the reef seeing all the action happen. At the end of the dive there were some washing machine current which was a new experience for some guests. Overall a good dive.


Thaa Atoll – Meemu Atoll

The plan was to do 1 dive in Thaa Atoll and 2 dives in Meemu Atoll

Dive 30 – Olhugiri Kandu

Dive 31 – Valley of The Rays

Dive 32 – White Tip Station

Olhugiri Kandu – (Channel Dive)

With a small incoming current and the visibility being at 25m+. The dive was very beautiful it had everything Grey Reef Sharks, White-Tip Sharks, Marble Ray, some Napoleon and a small Baby Eagle Ray was swimming on the top of the channel. As the current was small we could go the top of the channel and even check out the Tila which was at 18m. Good Dive in the morning.

Valley of The Rays – (Valley Dive)

As we had reached the southern part of Meemu Atoll the idea was what better dive to do than seeing some Mantas provide another show for us..The current was a small outgoing current and the visibility being at 18m we could see the mantas coming from a distance. But around the Holy Rock (Cleaning Station) there were a few guys wanting some attention too. Like a Porcupine Ray creating a sand cloud and some Scorpion Fish just waiting to be spotted. In short a good dive for 60min watching these Majestic Beauty…

White-Tip Station – (Channel Dive)

With the current being at a medium to strong incoming and the visibility being limited the dive had some Grey Reef Sharks, White-Tip Reef Sharks,2 Eagle Rays who were a bit too deep and lots of fishes. at the end of the dive though there was a bit of a washing machine but this time the guest knew what to do. Overall Good Dive


Meemu Atoll

Dive 33 – Happy Corner

Dive 34 – Happy Corner

Dive 35 – Western Highlight

Island Barbeque

Happy Corner (Channel Dive)

As we had medium to strong outgoing current in the morning we couldn’t do crossing of the channel but decided to dive the corner of the dive site. The visibility of the dive site was between 18-25m.Big schools of fish were there. From Giant Grey Reef Sharks to 2 Eagle Rays to a big school of Barracuda all swimming against the current.

Happy Corner (Channel Dive)

So we decided to wait for a bit as we wanted the current to change to incoming as this site in particular is very good with incoming current. With a strong incoming current and the channel not being so wide we decided to jump in the blue and cross the channel and reach the corner where we had based ourselves on the previous dive. With the current being strong there were lots of Grey Reef Sharks and Barracuda’s. Happy Corner did indeed make everyone happy in the end…

Western Highlight (Tila Dive)

With a strong incoming current and the visibility being limited to 12m the dive was still very beautiful. At the start of the trip we had done this site and as said before the dive site has so much of coral that’s never been bleached or even heard something about El-Nino. The tila had a lots fish from schools of Jacks to a single Grey Reef Shark looking a prey. There were also a lot of Fusiliers and a Remora just chilling and following the divers and try to stick to their tank… A Good End to a day of diving

Island Barbeque

As part of every trip we do at the end of the trip we go on a deserted island d and have a small barbecue for the guests and the staff. As we enjoyed dinner and some wine the moon rose and it was soon time for us to leave… A beautiful end to another in paradise.


Meemu Atoll – Faafu Atoll

Dive 36 – Kingdom Of Fish

Dive 37 – Filitheyo Tila

Kingdom Of Fish (Tila Dive)

With a medium outgoing current and the visibility at 15m.This dive was very beautiful lush with coral and so much of fish. The coral over here was healthy and it looked again that the terms of El-Nino haven’t affected a few parts of the Maldives yet and keeping out dive site still very beautiful. In terms of fish life there were lots of from fusiliers to a single Porcupine Ray sitting in the sand and chilling. As this was the last dive for a few divers it was truly a memorable one for them ….

Filitheyo Tila (Tila Dive)

With a small northeast incoming current and the visibility being at 25m+.The last dive was a very relaxing dive with a school of Jack Fish to some snappers and two small eagle rays. A good last dive.

Finally, this 2 weeks of fun has finally come to an end and until the next adventures.

Happy diving and Happy Bubbles

Signing Out

Guide Ved Menon

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