Sheena tour 14.01.-20.01.18

Logbook - Maldives - MY Sheena


Viligili kandu

Check dive at viligili kandu with medium to strong incoming current. We saw many eagle rays and white tip sharks.


Kooddoo inside – Down on the corner

Check dive at Filitheyo out side with a medium incoming current, we started dive on the out side reef, adjusted weights, all equipment working perfectly. On the channel edge, we had few white tip sharks, a stingray, some grey reef sharks were in the blue. Then drifted inside the channel with a big school of batfishes. 

Western highlight was with a school of 17 eaglerays, couple of white tip sharks, school of yellowfin barracudas, and some intact corals. 

Last dive at Valley of the ray was amazing, we spend 60 minutes with three manta rays, at the cleaning station. 


Hithadhoo outside – Maxim’s kandu – dhiamigili outside

First dive at Hitnadhoo outside with outgoing current. White tip sharks, turtle and school of humpback red snapper.

Second dive at jackfish kandu. Incoming current. We saw sharks, sharks and sharks! School of eagle ray, sting ray barracudas, tunas and …. more. 

Third dive Dhiamigili outside with strong incoming. We saw many grays and white tips, turtles, and huge tunas.


Olhugiri kandu – the beauty and the beast – valley of the ray

First dive at olhungiri kandu with small incoming. Wonderful visibility! School of jack and traveliers and barracuda, sharks and nice corals 

Second dive at the beauty and the beast. Small incoing. Sharks and trevalliers with us.

Third dive at valley of the ray. Small outgoing and… mantas


Sharks and rays – Viligili Kandu

First dive at valley of the ray. Small to medium outgoing and mantas

Second dive at mantas and more. Small incoming current. We saw sharks, school of jacks, barracuda, turtles, eagle rays

Third dive at happy corner. Strong incoming current. Wall of sharks and a school of 30 eagle rays


White tip station – diver’s paradise – western highlight – funboa house reef

First dive at white tip station. Medium incoming. Lot of White tip, silver tips  and gray sharks.

Second dive diver’s paradise. Medium incoming. We saw sharks and eagle rays may barracudas, stingrays and jack. 

Third dive western highlight. Relax dive with small outgoing current surrounded by beautiful corals and school of fish. Muren eels, nudibranches and shrimps too.

Night dive at funboa house reef. Small outgoing. Nice corals, shrimps


Kingdom of fish

We dove at kingdom of fish. Small outgoing. Nice corals and reef life, stingray and a white tip shark.

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