Gabi’s Logbook

Blog Sharm 06.05.2019

This week I would like to tell you a little bit about my Night Dive on our beautiful housereef in Naama Bay. I had the change to do a night dive while teaching an Advanced Open Water Course with my student Corinna.

After a very detailed briefing we set up our gear, checked each other and stepped in the calm waters of Naama Bay. After a few minutes we got lucky and spotted a huge stonefish and right next to it a sepia digging in the sand. Very slowly we continued our dive and my student got to see beautiful corals and feather stars at night.

Durban dancing shrimps, banded coral shrimps, cleaner shrimps and a huge king crab were hiding in small holes. And there it was – our highlight of the dive – a moray on the hunt! We stopped moving and enjoyed watching a free swimming moray looking for food. 

On our way back we were observed by another stonefish and when I was about to give Corinna the signal to ascend I spotted two marbled snake eels. Snake eels spend most of their time buried in sand, but we were lucky enough to get a closer look.

What an exciting night dive we had! I would like to congratulate Corinna on passing her Advanced Open Water and Nitrox Course.

Take care and see you soon hopefully!


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