Table Calender 2021


For 3 years now, we have designed our annual table calendar featuring your pictures. Notably, this will not change this year either. We invite you, once again, to play your part and help us design the Werner Lau table calendar for 2021.

Please check your underwater images one more time and enter them into our competition.  As well as the chance to win great prizes, you can present your pictures in the calendar.

Submit your pictures in landscape format, in high resolution and if possible unedited via Email. Your pictures should have a 3:2 aspect ratio with a width of at least 25 cm at 300 dpi.

In order to participate in the contest you must read and confirm the conditions of participation.

We will use the 12 best images for the calendar. And, the best 3 pictures will receive a prize.

  1. price: 1 week Oasis for one person including diving
  2. price: 10 dives
  3. price: 6 dives

The closing date for entries is 30 May 2020!

By submitting your pictures you give us permission to use them for our website, our social media accounts and for our advertising.

Conditions of Participation

Conditions of Participation

Participation is free of charge.

By participating the sender guarantees to be the photographer of the sent in photographs and to be the holder of the exclusive licence for utilization. The participant assures with his participation that any third-party-rights, especially privacy rights of individuals photographed, have been observed.
The participant consents to the publication of the sent in photographs on the website of Diving Centers Werner Lau as well as on all social media channels used by Diving Centers Werner Lau and all other marketing activities in co-operation with Diving Centers Werner Lau.

Data Privacy

The collected data will be treated confidential and according to the statutory data protection regulations. Personal data provided (Facebook User-ID, email and the like) are exclusively intended for internal use during the “Calendar 2021” campaign and will be saved for this purpose only.
This campaign is in no way related to facebook and is not sponsored, supported or organized by facebook or any other social media channel. The recipient of provided information is exclusively Diving Centers Werner Lau. The provided information will only be used for the campaign “Calendar 2021” by Diving Centers Werner Lau.

Please send your fotos to the following eMail adress:

Calendar pictures 2020

January 2020

Nicolai Posininsky 2

copyright: Nicolai Posininsky

1. winner of the Werner Lau calendar competition 2019

February 2020


copyright: Lieselot de Bruyker

2. winner of the Werner Lau calendar competition 2019

March 2020

Jan Patrick Hensel 21

copyright: Jan Patrick Hensel

3. winner of the Werner Lau calendar competition 2019

April 2020

Christian Horras 1

copyright: Christian Horras

May 2020

Jan Patrick Hensel 20

copyright: Jan Patrick Hensel

June 2020

Karl Heinz Schneider 3

copyright: Karl-Heinz Schneider

July 2020

Karl Heinz Schneider 27

copyright: Karl-Heinz Schneider

August 2020

Nicolai Posininsky 1

copyright: Nicolai Posininsky

September 2020

Thomas Bannenberg 1

copyright: Thomas Bannenberg

October 2020

Timo Fickenscher 1

copyright: Timo Fickenscher

November 2020

Karl Heinz Schneider 57

copyright: Karl-Heinz Schneider

December 2020

Claudia Weber Gebert 1

copyright: Claudia Webert-Gebert

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