Corona Update


Update Corona:

We would like to thank you all for your good wishes and for thinking of us.

We are thinking of you too.


So far there have been only isolated cases of Corona. The government is isolating the islands and Male extensively, which is really not that difficult… The exchange of goods works without problems so far.

Filitheyo: There are only 54 guests left on the island. Still pretty much normal operation. Won’t be long before all the guests are gone, though. Most of our staff plan to stay on Filitheyo.

Medhufushi: Only ten guests left on the island. Actually, two Americans arrived today…  Maybe they feel safer on Medhu right now than they do at home.

Sheena: Just one more guest on the ship. The lady is scheduled to fly to Switzerland tomorrow night. Then the ship and all the crew will be in quarantine for two weeks. 


There are no reliable statistics, but Corona is rolling along with force here as well.

Siddhartha: Is now closed until further notice.

Alam Anda: We have five more guests and will be closed as of Tuesday. Diving base and spa are closed, food is available for the guests of course, but we will try to implement the safety distances etc.

Pondok Sari: After the last guests are scheduled to leave tomorrow, the Pondok Sari will also be closed. Diving school is already closed.


Peter is better able to assess the general situation, he will contact you in time.

Oasis: The hotel is closed as of today.

Sharm el Sheikh: The diving school in Sharm el Sheikh is closed too.

We will keep you up to date…

Stay healthy!

Yours faithfully


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