MY Sheena Logbook 03. – 10.03.2019

7 -days transfer trip – Filitheyo – Gaafu Alifu Atoll

This trip is quite clear, since the boat is only half occupied this time. The group consists of a three-member family and a three-member group of Werner Lau Egypt regular customers, who are on the Maldives for the first time, as well as another guest, who has no problems to integrate. The group dynamics is brilliant, which is of course always an advantage during the dives.

After all the paperwork on Filitheyo is done, it doesn’t take long until we meet for the briefing for the first dive. The check dive takes place at Dolphins Corner and the name was program – a dolphin school surprises us under water. What a start.


03.03.19            Dolphins Corner

04.03.19            Western Highlight / Shark Point / Divers Paradise

05.03.19             White Tip Station / Happy Corner / Simply the best

06.03.19             Mantas and More / Valley of the Ray / The Beauty and the Beast

07.03.19             Diamigili Outside / Jackfish Channel / Explorer Nightdive

08.03.19             Viligili Kandu / Koodhoo Kandu / Koodhoo Jetty

09.03.19             Viligili Kandu / Koodhoo Kandu

The tour really had many highlights. Among them are the dives at Happy Corner and Vilingili Kandu which have lots of sharks to offer. From the boat we even saw Whale Sharks.

In the Meemu Atoll we have a cool dive at White Tip Station. We enter a cave inside the channel full of beautiful soft corals. As far as possible and our nitrox allows it, we dive into the cave and spot a huge, about 2.5 m big grouper. Wow!

We travel down to the southern Meemu Atoll and search for manta rays. We are successful and can admire 8 manta rays at Valley of the Ray.

In Thaa Atoll we do our first Early Morning Dive and are rewarded with two hammerhead sharks in the depth. That’s the way it should be.

We spend the night at Diamigili Outside. At 3 o’clock in the morning the crew wakes us up because there are three whale sharks at our boat. There one gets up nevertheless gladly. Our guests spend 1.5 hours with the giants.

After this mad night and little sleep we drive towards Laamu Atoll where we shoot through a 1.5 km long channel in about 20 minutes – accompanied by many sharks, rays ….

The next days in the Gaafu Alifu bring us again great channels and many sharks sweeten our days.

So we can finish this tour successfully.

See you soon …

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