MY Sheena Logbook – 10. – 17.02.2019

7 -days tour – Filitheyo/Filitheyo

As usual we pick up our guests at Filitheyo and do the paperwork first. Then we go to the boat and everybody gets their cabins. A detailed briefing is also obligatory. At dinner on the day of arrival the crew will be introduced so that everyone knows who to turn to … and there are quite a lot of team members on board and on the dhoni.

This week we are lucky and can already do a check dive on the day of arrival. This is not always possible depending on the arrival time of the guests and their luggage. We start on the first day with a relaxed dive at Dolphins Corner.

Dive sites:

10.02.2019          Dolphins Corner

11.02.2019          Little Channel South / Western Highlight / Mantas & More

12.02.2019          Mantas & More / Happy Corner / White Tip Station

13.02.2019          Happy Corner / Rakedhoo Kandu / Alimatha House Reef (Jetty)

14.02.2019          Uthuru Kandu / Golden Wall / Fottheyo

15.02.2019          Fottheyo / Fushi Kandu / Vatharu Kandu

16.02.2019          Vatharu Kandu / Dolphins Corner

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The conditions this week were very good. The weather was great, so were the diving conditions. There was almost everything to do with currents. As almost always on the Maldives we only do drift dives. This week there were mostly incoming currents – so we chose the dive sites accordingly. And we were rewarded with plenty of fish. We had schools of barracudas, napoleons, turtles, schools of about 40 eagle rays, schools of mackerels, grey reef sharks, lots of whitetip reef sharks, a few silvertips, nurse sharks, mobulas, yellow stripe snapper, a leopard shark, lots of snappers, a giant spia, bonitos, red snapper and of course lots of small animals, snails and octopuses and luckily some manta rays.

One of the highlights on this safari was the night dive at the Alimatha Housereef. It is not a night dive like we usually do. Here at the Alimatha Jetty hundreds of nurse sharks and stingrays bustle at dusk. In between by the lights of the divers again and again white tip reef sharks and hunting mackerels.

Also on this tour our crew prepared a dinner on an uninhabited island. Also this time they conjured a “table” out of sand. The boys always try hard and the food is always delicious. Anyway, it is incredible what our cook Laurence always conjures out of this little kitchen on board.

A beautiful tour with many highlights and special experiences for all of us comes to an end. We are looking forward to welcoming the new guests on board the Sheena again.

See you soon …

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