MY Sheena Logbook – 20.01. – 03.02.2019

MY Sheena 2-Week-Safari Filitheyo – Filitheyo 20.01. – 03.02.2019


On the day of arrival we first did the paperwork and everyone checked in. After that we had the opportunity to do our first dive.

Dive No. 1 One Way Ticket

Five of the 11 guests arrived early enough for an easy afternoon dive. So we did a check dive at one-way ticket. Checked weight and equipment, then drifted along the reef slop. We saw a lots of beautiful reef fishes, a turtle an one eagle ray during this dive.


Dive No. 1 Dolphins Corner

Dive No. 2 Kingdom of Fish

Dive No. 3 Fenboa House Reef

Sun is shining, weather is beautiful, we did our first dive of the day at Dolphins Corner. Started the dive on the outside reef and drifted to the corner and hooked to the reef. Current was medium and we saw a lot of snappers, grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, a stingray and some napoleons at the end of the dive.

At kingdom of fish we had outgoing current and we stayed inside the big school of fusiliers for some time. Then drifted out of the atoll for safety stop.

As we didn’t had enough sunlight for a third dive, we made a brilliant night dive at Fenboa House Reef. Corals were stunning, many shrimps and a lots of small stuff were to see during this dive.


Dive No. 1 Western Highlight

Dive No. 2 Valley of the Ray

Dive No. 3 Beauty an the Beast

With a mild outgoing current, we started the dive inside the channel. Reef was full of fusiliers, a lot of big and small dog tooth tunas were swimming in front of us. There were some barracudas, many big eyed trevallies, and the corals were untouched.

At Valley of the Rays we had a fantastic dive. More than ten Mantas were at the valley. An eagle ray was following a manta for sometime. Some sting rays were hiding under the big coral blocks.

For the last dive of the day we went to Beauty and the beast. Nice and easy incoming current. Many grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, some eagle rays were at the channel edge.

After this dive we parked the boat near Fahala island and we were very lucky to have two whale sharks behind the boat for basically the whole night, this was amazing.


Dive No. 1 Guraidhoo Corner

Dive No. 2 Jackfish Channel

Dive No. 3 Dolphins Corner

At Guraidhoo Corner, current was strong out going. We managed to hook where the big school of jack fishes were, few white tip reef sharks were at the reef platue and two massive Nurse sharks were seen as we went for the safety stop. Then we drove to Laamu Atoll.

Jack fish channel was full of big eyed trevallies. Some silver tip sharks were at the deep and more than a dozen grey reef sharks with many white tip reef sharks were athe channel edge along with a big school of eagle rays and barracudas.

At dolphins corner, some grey reef sharks and white tips were cruising. Reef top was full of snappers and at the end of the dive as we drifted inside the channel, we heard the dolphins but didn’t get to see the.


Dive No. 1 Sharks and Rays

Dive No. 2 Hithadhoo Corner

Many Grey reef sharks were at the channel edge of Sharks And Rays. Unfortunately no eagle rays or sting rays were seen this time. Reef top of this channel is fantastic with full of live hardcorals.

Hithadhoo corner is with a mild outgoing current. Two Manta rays were at the cleaning station. Few green turtles and many reef fishes were swimming next to the cleaning station.


Dive No. 1 Viligili Kandu

Dive No. 2 Kuredhoo Corner

Dive No. 3 Maarehaa

Small to medium current at Viligili Kandu. Many grey reef Sharks and some white tip reef sharks were at the channel edge, some of them came very close to our divers. We had aslo a nice drift into the channel seeing a big nurse shark, sting ray and some green turtles. An electric ray (torpedo Ray) was following us at the very end of the dive.

Very small current at Kuredhoo kandu. Few white tip reef sharks were inside the channel. As we swam along the beautifully grown hard coral we met a huge WHALE SHARK swimming towards us. At the end of the dive five eagle rays were just circling beneath us.

Maarehaa was with some medium current. Many grey reef sharks and some white tip reef sharks were at the channel edge. Huge dog tooth tunas and jacks were hunting on the school of fusiliers. Drifting into the channel was cool as well. We met some big turtles and couple of sting rays.


Dive No. 1 Gemanafushi Outside

Dive No. 2 Kondey Kandu

Dive No. 3 Vodamula Kandu

We made an early morning dive outside Gemanafushi hoping to see some Hammerhead sharks and silky sharks. But current was too strong and visibility was limited. We didn’t see any thing interesting in the blue. But saw one grey reef shark and some black tip reef sharks on the top of the reef as we went for the safety stop.

At Kondey Kandu where many white tip reef sharks, Napoleons, two eagle rays, dog tooth tunas and some turtles.

Vodamula Kandu was amazing. So many grey reef sharks along with the huge tunas where on the hunt for fusiliers. We waited with the sharks for more than half an hour and then drifted on the thila beautifuly grown by hard corals.


Dive No. 1 Nilandhoo Kandu

Dive No. 2 Kooddoo Kandu

Dive No. 3 Kooddoo Harbour

Many grey reef sharks and white tips were at the channel corner of Nilandhoo Kandu. Corals were healthy on the channel edge. Some very big barracudas were passing by.

We jumped to the middle of the Kooddoo Channel, and hooked on the channel edge with strong incoming current. Channel was full of grey reef sharks, lots of tunas, jackfishes, big school of fusiliers and some eagle rays.

At Kooddoo Harbour even with limited visibility, we managed to see some huge oceanic black tip sharks, white tip reef sharks and a very friendly napoleon along with some turtles.


Dive No. 1 Viligili Kandu

Dive No. 2 Silver Rain

Viligili Kandu with a nice incoming current was again full of sharks. A school of hump head parrotfishes passed us as we waited watching the sharks and tunas hunting the big school of fusiliers. A school of yellow fin barracudas were also inside the channel.

As requested by some of our divers, we did the second diyve at a giri. This was phenomenal. Beautiful corals grown all over the reef, the reef full of fusiliers, some eagle rays, many tunas and lots of tiny little silvery fishes. Some lion fishes and scorpion fishes along with nudibranchs and flat worms was amazing.


Dive No. 1 Hithadhoo Corner

Dive No. 2 Jack Fish Channel

Dive No. 3 Dhiyamigili Corner

With medium out going current, we didn’t see any manta this time, but some very big turtles and a huge school of big eyed trevallies were seen during this dive.

Current was out going at the beginning of this dive and then changed to incoming current. We saw one manta ray, some white tip reef sharks, a grey reef shark, Napoleons and a school of jack fishes along the big school of red snappers.

Strong incoming current with clear visibility at Dhiyamigili kandu was cool. One big grey reef shark was cruising infront of us. White tip reef sharks were coming very close. Huge dog tooth tunas and jack fishes were trying to hunt on fusiliers. Many different kinds of snappers were schooling at the current safeside. Two turtles came close at the safety stop.


Dive No. 1 Olhugiri Kandu

Dive No. 2 Valley of the Ray

Dive No. 3 Medhufushi Thila

Very small current at the channel, no grey reef shark but some white tip reef sharks were swimming inside the channel. One eagle ray, a sting ray and two napoleons were seen during this dive.

We had nice and small out going current at the first half of the dive. Even with limited visibility, we saw one Manta ray. Current changed to strong incoming at the second half of the dive. So we drifted inside the channel seeing some reef fishes.

Medhufushi thila was full of glass fishes at night. Many different kinds of shrimps, lion fishes, scorpion fishes, octopuses and a lot of macro stuff were seen during this dive.


Dive No. 1 Mantas & More

Dive No. 2 Simply the Best

Dive No. 3 Happy Corner

Medium out going current with visibility about 15 meters, this dive was a good dive. We saw a couple of grey reef sharks, many white tip reef sharks, Napoleons, sting ray, some turtles and a lots of snappers.

Simply the best was with a strong current. So much of fusiliers were at the reef front. Two white tip reef sharks, stingrays, and some tunas were seen. Lots of long nose hawk fishes were hiding inside the big bushes of black corals, flat worms and sea slugs were found. Top of this reef is amazingly beautiful with plenty of table corals.

Strong incoming current at Happy corner, but visibility was limited. Some grey reef sharks were seen at the distance. Two eagle rays were passing infront of us. Big napoleons were just staying above our head in the strong current. This was a good dive too.


Dive No. 1 White Tip Station

Dive No. 2 Divers Paradiese

Dive No. 3 Shark Point

Current was medium out going and visibility was about 10 to 15 meters. We started dive inside the channel and finish outside. There were many fusiliers at the corner, the big school of big eyed trevallies and yellowfin barracudas were infront of the deep cave at 30 meters. Even with bad visibility we found one grey reef shark and a white tip reef shark.

Nice and slow incoming current was perfact for Divers Paradise. A school of 15 eagle rays were swimming just infront of us. Many silver tips and few grey reef sharks. Some white tip reef sharks and many dog tooth tunas were also seen. One feathertailed stingray was resting on the channel floor. At the end of this dive current got very strong and we experienced a little bit of washing mechine current.

Medium to strong outgoing current at Shark Point. Four big grey reef sharks were following us for few minutes. Hundreds of snappers and blue fin travalies were at the corner. Some barracudas meet us at the channel edge. It was amazing to swim inside the big overhangs full of softcorals.


Dive No. 1 Western Highlight

Dive No. 2 Barrakuda Kandu

Mild incoming current at western highlight made it a very relaxing dive with so much fishes and beautiful corals.

Last dive of the trip we made at Barracuda Kandu in Faafu atoll. Current was medium in. few white tip reef sharks and some grey reef sharks were seen at the start of the dive. Few tunas and jacks were at the channel corner. Many bat fihes met us at safety stop as always.


It was a great two weeks of scuba diving with 11 friendly divers.
Thank you!

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