A message from Bibo to all of you

Sharm el Sheikh – 15.05.2020

A message from Bibo to you all 😊

Be positive get positive, be negative get negative!
Our happy days are back back very soon hopefully.

Of course now everyone is missing so much the normal life, specially us instructors which we love our job so much, we miss the sea, we miss diving and we miss all of you!

We miss seeing different people every day, get to know them and later on we become friends with them.

We miss diving different dive sites, we miss getting lucky from time to time and spot sharks ,mantas turtles and rays!

So we all have here in the Red Sea the best life ever and this life should be back very soon!
We all appreciate what we have, the beautiful Red Sea, but this time we will appreciate the Red Sea and what we get from it much more.
Let’s be positive and let’s think positive. I believe that if you think positive you will get positive and if you think negative you will get only negative.

Here are some pictures oft he days which we hope will be back very very soon, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do at the moment.
Looking forward to see all of you very soon and we can’t wait to be diving with you again in the Red Sea paradise!

Many greetings

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