InterDive Friedrichshafen 22.09. – 25.09.2022

We are happy to announce that InterDive Friedrichshafen will take place again this year! Of course we will be there again. You will find us in hall B5 at booth 309 together with SSI. There you will meet Werner, Peter (general manager of The Oasis) [...]
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Booking Bathala directly at discounted rates!

Together with our hotel partner Planhotel we have prepared a special offer for all Werner Lau customers. From now on you can book at special rates directly on the resort's website with the following promo code: HTTPS://BATHALAMALDIVES.SANDIES-RESORTS.COM/SERVICES/WERNER-LAU-DC/
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Desk Calendar 2020 – the winners have been chosen

The decission has been made and the winners of this year's competition have been announced. This year it was particularly difficult to make a decision. There were just too many wonderful underwater shots. Unfortunately we can only add 12 pictures to our desk calendar. The [...]
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Family and beginner tours with MY Sheena 2019

Our Sheena Tours require 60 or 100 logged dives, depending on the level of difficulty. Divers with less experience have therefore had no chance to go on a Sheena tour so far. For this reason we have now planned 4 tours for unexperienced divers and [...]
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Sunrise at sea

Blog Oasis – 31.08.2022 Our precious Oasis is suited directly at sea and offers an open view to the ocean. Many of our guests are awake early enough to be amazed by the unique beauty of the sunrise at sea. Thanks a lot for the [...]
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Repeater guests part II

Blog Oasis - 26.07.2022 Rainer is one of our dear repeater guests and is having his holiday at The Oasis at least once a year. He´s not only an excellent diver, but also has a very sharp observational gift that he can capture nicely with [...]
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Repeater guests part I

Blog Oasis – 30.06.2022 At The Oasis we´re happy about every guest, either repeater or newbie. Some guests enjoy their stay that much, so that they come back again and again and again. Partially for decades and multiple times a year, some are counting their [...]
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Blog Oasis - 29.05.2022 Most divers are especially keen about big sightings, like dolphin, dugong, shark or napoleon. If you pay attention during your dive to the critters and take time to spot them, you´ll see something not everybody does immediately :-) Plus, we think, [...]
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Summer is here!

Blog Oasis – 30.04.2022 With temperatures around 35 degrees (air) and 24 degrees (water) life is easygoing :-) We´re happy about anyone who escapes to us at The Oasis from uncomfortable weather elsewhere! Sunny greetings from here…
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