Booking Bathala directly at discounted rates!

Together with our hotel partner Planhotel we have prepared a special offer for all Werner Lau customers. From now on you can book at special rates directly on the resort's website with the following promo code: HTTPS://BATHALAMALDIVES.SANDIES-RESORTS.COM/SERVICES/WERNER-LAU-DC/
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Our Red Sea Specials

We have listed all our special offers for Egypt here. There are different options for you on offer – check yourself and let our team assist you with your individual programme.
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Desk Calendar 2020 – the winners have been chosen

The decission has been made and the winners of this year's competition have been announced. This year it was particularly difficult to make a decision. There were just too many wonderful underwater shots. Unfortunately we can only add 12 pictures to our desk calendar. The [...]
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Sunset bliss

Blog Oasis – 31.08.2023 Amongst fascinating underwater world, beautiful beaches, pure relaxation and delicious food, we also have astonishing sunsets. Come visit us :-) Thanks a lot to Eva and Bernd for the pictures!
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Extended family

Blog Oasis – 31.07.2023 Nadia was visiting us again at The Oasis, meanwhile she became part of the family :-) We´re looking forward to seeing you again!
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Blog Oasis – 30.06.2023 Sometimes it´s worth having a closer look. Thanks for the pictures, Jona Haslbauer!
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Best friends forever

Blog Oasis – 30.04.2023 Many guests arrive at The Oasis as a couple, family or friends and some friendships begin at The Oasis. The latter happened to this friendly “travel community”. This time they were even planning their joint holiday at The Oasis and we [...]
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