Corona Update 26.04.2020

Well, of course all our hotels and diving centres are still closed.

Like everyone else we are wondering, too: When will we resume? When will we be able to open where and what again?

This will depend largely on when flight concepts will finally be presented to regulate how flying in times of corona should look like. There is a real need for action on the part of the airlines and politicians.

I am afraid that it will still take a few weeks until something will happen.

I don’t think the solution will be a free middle seat, because that would make flying too expensive.
It will probably result in fever checks before and after the flight and some sort of mask obligation.

As for our diving centres and hotels:

Fuerte and Cyprus: No oracle possible at this time.

Egypt: With a bit of luck partially October or November, this will mainly depend on which airlines will offer charters.

Maldives: I think it is likely around late autumn/winter.

Bali will be difficult. From my point of view there is absolutely no prognosis possible at the moment whether it will start again partially in the late autumn.

Good air


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