Interdive Frankfurt

Hello fellow divers!

As of 2020, Werner Lau will no longer be exhibiting at the BOOT in Düsseldorf, but instead will be present at the new Interdive in Frankfurt.

The trade exhibition only has a duration of 5 days and will be held from the 15.01. until the 19.01.2020.

The reason for this move are disputes with the Düsseldorf Exhibition Management about excessive prices and, above all, the relocation and splitting up of the entire diving trade from Hall 3 to Halls 11 and 12.

Unfortunately, the discussions failed to achieve a satisfactory result for our diving industry, despite the fact that one-third of all visitors to the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre are divers.

Therefore, the majority of the diving industry (diving operators, tour operators, manufacturers, magazines, dealers, organizations such as VDST etc.) have therefore decided to participate at the new Interdive Frankfurt.

You will receive regular updates about who will be exhibiting at the Interdive Frankfurt.

We are already excited to welcome you to our stand in Frankfurt.

In 2020 it may happen that the diving industry is split up in 2 groups. This is certainly anything but desirable, but could not be prevented because of the stubborn attitude of the Messe Düsseldorf. By 2021, however, we will know if Frankfurt has succeeded.

To hold two trade shows during January is really not what we need.

I wholeheartedly endorse all the arguments. On the other hand, it is extremely unfortunate and it hurts my soul that the branch may now be divided. Larger companies would like to hold 2 exhibitions, something I understand from their perspective, however, two exhibitions are too much for most of us. Quite frankly, it is exactly the opposite to what we want to achieve. We only need one great trade show where 5 days suffice. We will now head of to new ventures and move to Frankfurt, in the hope, that this disastrous situation, which our sector is now facing, can be resolved by 2021. By then it will be quite clear whether Frankfurt prevails and will be the successful choice or the Düsseldorf Boot.

In the meantime, we are very excited and pleased to welcome you at our exhibition stand in Frankfurt.

PS: Any colleagues who are still undecided and have questions are welcome to contact me.

Yours Werner Lau

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