Dive Area

We offer a multitude of diving possibilities for every diver: Participation in the Coral Project involves shore diving and is particularly suitable for check dives, introductory dives, refresher courses and OWD. It offers “fish fulfilment/satisfaction” right from the first dive. Night diving is also well incorporated in the Coral Project and has already brought some Macro-fans speechless astonishment. The visibility during shore diving can however, be influenced during certain months (February, July, August) by wave action and surface conditions.

Local dive sites are located along a 2000m stretch of coastline. Starting at 4-5m they drop down to depths of between 30-40m. Stunning intact corals, a multitude of Macro-life and occasionally big fish can be seen, along with the usual numbers of different kinds of fishes.


Menjangan is certainly one of the top dive sites in the world, offering steep wall sites (excluding Eel Garden). These walls fall to depths between 30-40m. The spectacular coral as well as the variety of fish to be seen, leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Secret Bay

Secret Bay is the ultimate “Macro heaven” underwater, where critters otherwise seldom seen in other parts of the world, can be found.

Puri Jati

Puri Jati, the pendant site to Secret Bay; shallow shore dive with exciting rare critters.

Detailed information on individual dive sites you’ll find in the area Dive Sites.