Location & Facilities

Medhufushi lies to the east of the Meemu Atoll, which is 300 km south of Male. The island is 900 metres long and about 90 metres wide.

This new and spaciously built dive centre has been designed by professionals to meet the special needs of scuba divers. The school is generously equipped to the highest and most modern standards.

You will be able to hire what you need from the following equipment list by well known companies:

60 jackets
40 regulators with octopus, pressure gage and inflator
60 sets of masks, fins and snorkels
30 wet suits (3mm shorties)
40 dive computers
10 torches
2 underwater cameras
1 Action Pro X 8 camera

As an extra special experience, we offer trips with a choice of 3 underwater scooters, diving in a new dimension.

Air & Nitrox

80 aluminium tanks with 12 litres capacity are filled up to 215 bar by 2 electro-compressors in an external compressor house. Of course, we offer NITROX as well. A modern and secure Nitrox filling station has been installed.

DIN and INT fittings

Your own diving gear

Your personal diving gear can be stored directly at the dive centre. There is a wet room for this purpose which is locked up at night.


The workshop is well fitted out to take care of the usual repairs and our guests are welcome to use it, just ask our instructors for help if you need it.


Oxygen and a first aid kit are available on each boat. Our crew is specially trained to offer medical assistance in any emergency which may occur.

If necessary, we can reach the decompression chamber on Bandos by seaplane within 45 minutes.