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Blog Filitheyo – 13.09.2019

We are approaching the end of the low season (which was really beautiful!) and so as to start the new season with energy, our compressor boy Al Amin delivered a full trolley of colleagues, some new and some not so new anymore!
Standing on the left side of the picture, Mr Al Amin, compressor boy from Bangladesh who joined the team some months ago. Then bottom left of the trolley, Danijela, diving instructor from Serbia, always smiling and full of power, you will see her running everywhere! Next to her our repeater guest will recognize our oldest employee, Mr Harun, the one and only who knows everything about the island! With a yellow T-shirt, Mika actual base leader along with Béné with the purple shirt. No need to introduce them, you know them already. Top right is our Sheena guide from India Ved, always ready for a joke or a prank! Top middle is Florian from Germany freshly arrived some days ago from Thailand. And finally top left is our language talent Miroslav from Serbia a long time diving instructor!

We will be very happy to welcome you and make your holidays even better than expected! So…. Come over and meet this awesome new team!

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