The Nurse shark made our day!

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Blog Medhufushi – 13.03.2019

One quiet morning one of our repeater guests Carsten expressed a wish for something different, so we headed to a place we usually don´t visit. We took a chance and got a nice surprise. We found a big nurse shark hiding under an overhang in a company of glass fishes and juvenile golden trevallies. It definitely made our day.
“The origin of the name “nurse shark” is unclear. It may come from the sucking sound they make when hunting for prey in the sand, which vaguely resembles that of a nursing baby. Or it may derive from an archaic word, nusse, meaning cat shark. The most likely theory though is that the name comes from the Old English word for sea-floor shark: hurse.”

Fotocredit: Carstem Wolpers

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