Werner Lau Buddyweeks = If you pre-book a diving package or a diving course, the first diver pays the regular price and his/her buddy will only pay 50% for the same package or course. The Buddyweeks are available for the following travel periods and destinations: [...]
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The swarm

13.12.17 Everybody has its favourite dive spot. Ours is definitely Mantas & More. Even in times when the Mantas are not around. The dive site offers an immense fish amount. Schools of fishes everywhere. Sometimes we even can’t see our buddy anymore behind all those [...]
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The thing with the huge wings

01.12.17 What was that thing with those huge wings? To answer such question really hurts a bit. But how should somebody, who is doing his very first dive, know, that he just saw one of the most amazing animals. We are super happy to have [...]
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Medhufushi Team

24.11.2017 Sometimes we dive instructor lead the life of a vagabond. So it’s hardly surprising that a team is changing from time to time. But we know how nice it is to come across some familiar faces. So we want to shortly introduce our team. [...]
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Welcome Mateja

18.11.2017 Practice makes perfect, having barely arrived on Medhufushi Mateja our new female reinforcement started the very important and necessary training to handle our emergency equipment. Fully motivated and with a blue sky in front of the door the training is so much more fun, [...]
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Mantas & More

08.11.2017 This dive site already carries it in its name. After spending them holidays in the summer months, they are all back and curious about us divers. Lots of big mantas! In the truest sense of the word they playfully get in touch with us. [...]
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