House Reef

Our house reef stretches over a length of 350 metres. You can choose between 6 different entry and exit points. Our staff is ready to lend assistance for entries and exits anywhere on the house reef. The equipment is brought to the desired entry point for you and brought back to the diving centre after your dive as well.

Entries 1 to 4 are distributed over the entire width of the resort. All four entries have orientation lines. The shallow area slopes down very gently over a distance of 30 metres to a depth of 5-6 metres. From 3 to 14 metres depth there is a nearly continuous coral reef with many bigger blocks of coral protruding. Starting at a depth of 15 metres, the reef drops down in a 45° angle. This sandy slope with its numerous blocks of coral is really nice to follow during descent.

You find different moray eels, e.g. zebra morays, barracudas, mackerels, sting rays, nudibranches and scorpion fishes. In the shallower areas there are schools of groupers, fusiliers and sweetlips. But also leaf scorpion fishes, turtles, napoleon wrasses and ghost pipe fish are seen regularly.

Entry number 5 leads to a sandy plateau which turns into a sandy slope. This entry is not marked by an orientation line. Coral growth starts at a depth of 18 metres. In this area octopuses, sepia, flounders, garden eels, nudibranches and juvenile lipfishes can be seen.

Further to the West you find entry number 6 which is marked by an orientation line. There is a beautiful, cold lava stream sloping down to a depth of 30 metres. Here you often see barracudas hovering in the mild current. The area of entries 5 and 6 is sheltered from the current. Between entries 1 and 4, the current can sometimes be strong going in an Eastern direction or there can be no current at all. The water temperature on the house reef is between 27 °C to 29 °C.

Night dives at our house reef are particularly beautiful. The entire reef is glowing and sparkling with all the reflecting eyes of different shrimps. We frequently find Spanish dancers and other large nudibranches there. But the highlight is definitely the large amount of lobsters that you find there after sunset.

Boga wreck

Not far away from the house reef is the wreck of Boga. This boat has been sunk in Spetember 2012. Bogia measures about 50 metres in length.  You can reach Boga very easily from our house reef, entry number 6. The wreck is located in a depth from 16 to 35 m.