Training & Dive Courses

Introductory Dives

International Aquanautic Club (i.a.c.), CMAS, PADI and SSI diving courses are continually on offer. The diving courses take place in small groups (1 diving instructor – 2 participants), thus avoiding stress and ensuring effective training to meet your individual needs.

Dive Courses

The course begins with an introductory dive in the shallow water of the lagoon (approx. 1.5 metres). Under supervision of a professional instructor, students have plenty of time (approx.1 hour) to get used to moving and breathing under water.
The actual course takes three days. Students are in the water once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The last of the six training dives (and the highlight of the course for most students) is done from a boat.

The theory (about 6 hours in total) will be taught over the three days between 17:30 and 19:30. After successfully completing the final theory examination, the diving student will be presented with an internationally recognised certificate (Open Water Diver – SSI or International Aquanautic Club). Alternatively, you may choose the PADI training programme (PADI Open Water Diver).

The diving school offers advanced courses up to CMAS gold and SSI/PADI Divemaster level. We can train and certify you in most specialized diving courses, all of them after the regulations of CMAS, i.a.c., PADI and SSI.

Kids Diving

At the Werner Lau dive centres on the Maldives, kids could start diving with the age of 8. All courses will be aeld after the regulation of the Internationalt Aquanautic Club (i.a.c.) and take place with a ratio from maximum 2 students per instructor.

We offer the following courses for kids:

Junior Diver: (minimun age 8 /maximum depth 2 m/3 course dives)
Junior Scuba Diver: (minimun age 9/maximum depth 5 m/3 course dives)
Junior Open Water Diver: (minimun age 10/maximum depth 10 m/6 course dives)