Dive center manager & team

This Dive Center is managed by Dani and Miro. They previously worked on Filitheyo and are looking forward to assist you and give you a great Bathala Experience.

Dani (Danijela Podlipec)

Dani Photo Kopie

Nationality: Serbian
Born: 11.06.1977.
Languages: Serbian /Croatian, English, Spanish
Instructor since: 2014
Maldivian Experience: since 2019
Hobbies: Air Yoga, Yoga, Cycling, Swimming
Logged Dives: +1000
Favorite Dive-Spots:  Picking one or two dive spots means leaving out others
Favorite Meal: Avocado salad
Favorite Sweets: Chocolate and Ice Cream
Favorite Drink:  Gin &Tonic

Miro (Miroslav  Karaicic)

Miro Photo

Nationality: Serbian
Born: 31.12.1974.
Languages: Serbian/Croatian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
Instructor since: 2002
Maldivian Experience: since 2004
Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Socializing, Cycling
Logged Dives: +5000
Favorite Dive-Spots: Bathala Maaga Kan Thila, Tokong Laut Tenggol (Malaysia), Palancar Cozumel (Mexico)
Favorite Meal: Lasagne
Favorite Sweets: Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Irish stout


f. r. t. l. Maynuddin (boat crew), Sakib (compressor boy), Miro, Tofail (DM), Ahmed (captain), Amin (boat crew) and on the end Dani