Ribbontail Ray

Blog Bathala - 06.05.2021 Ribbontail ray - very common in the Indian ocean, all the way until Australia, with some sightings even in the Galapagos islands. Usually spending the time between 20 and 60m depth, the ray feeds on molluscs, crabs, shrimps and bony fish. [...]
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All around Bathala

Have you been recently on Bathala? A lot of work has been done to improve the comfort in the bar and the restaurant, the volleyball court is now repositioned into the center of the island. The beach is clean and tidy, as the removal of [...]
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Emergency oxygen training

Blog Bathala - 09.04.2021 Safety is of great concern at Werner Lau dive centers. We train all our staff at least every six months how to use the Wenoll O2 system. Did you know that the advantage of this oxygen system is that, in an [...]
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Blog Bathala - 25.0.2021 Out of the 29 different species of clownfish worldwide, this particular one (see photo) is endemic to the Maldives and Sri Lanka. The anemone's tentacles have stinging cells called nematocysts that release a toxin when prey or predator touches it. Clownfish, [...]
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So much fish!

Blog Bathala - 02.03.2021 So many fish, so many colours and shapes, who can recognize them all? Soldierfish or squirrelfish? Lizardfish or goby? Mullets or rudderfish? Emperor or snapper? Bannerfish or moorish idol? Scorpionfish or stonefish? Luckily our instructors have a good eye and will [...]
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