Booking Bathala directly at discounted rates!

Together with our hotel partner Planhotel we have prepared a special offer for all Werner Lau customers. From now on you can book at special rates directly on the resort's website with the following promo code: HTTPS://BATHALAMALDIVES.SANDIES-RESORTS.COM/SERVICES/WERNER-LAU-DC/
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Housereef maintenance

Our housereef requires attendance every now and then. The ropes need cleaning, the supporting canisters a refill of air, but even a full refurbishing is not uncommon. Here are Dani & Miro placing a new orientation number of entry/exit in the northwest, our #1, the [...]
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Triger fish

Blog Bathala - 16.07.2021 40 species of triggerfish are scattered throughout the world’s seas. These bottom dwellers dig out prey, such as crabs and worms, by flapping away debris with their fins and sandblasting with water squirted from their mouths. They also use very tough [...]
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Glass Fish

Blog Bathala - 09.07.2021 Glassfishes are found in shallow waters up to 10m deep, usually hidden among the reef. They feed on crustaceans, worms and other invertebrates. In turn, they fall prey to larger fish such as snappers, groupers, jackfish, lionfish. They are a schooling [...]
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Lion fish

Blog Bathala - 02.07.2021 Although the lionfish is visibly gorgeous, there's much more to this mysterious creature than its striking maroon, brown and white stripes, elegant fan-like fins and delicate floating tentacles. Native to the Indo-pacific region, the fish can be found on reefs as [...]
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Ocean day

Blog Bathala - 08.06.2021 Ghost nets are a problem for the marine environment, as they float free until they get stuck onto a reef, in which case they suffocate the corals and fish trapped underneath. This one was so heavy that three of us were [...]
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