Light Show

Blog Bathala - 08.02.2021 Are you up for an underwater light show? Our blue light torches illuminate the colors of the corals and fish, making it an amazing shiny experience during night dives or snorkeling. Those scorpionfish appear pink, the lizardfish shine while hidden under [...]
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Bathala is opening from the 21st of February!!!

I had a conversation with the owner of Bathala Island Resort today. It has been decided that Bathala will be bookable again from Feb 21st for our customers from Europe and Switzerland. This perfectly fits into the Manta season. If we can get flights, Lilly [...]
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Always good for a surprise …

Bathala - 25.01.2021 Treat yourself to some surprises. The reefs of the North Ari atoll hide many jewels, for example these two members of the cartilaginous class of fish. Do you like more the zebra shark we saw at Maaya thila, or the guitar fish [...]
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We are back!

Bathala  -14.01.2021 The Werner Lau dive team on Bathala is ready for 2021, enthusiastic and excited as ever. The reefs of the North Ari atoll are waiting for you, experienced divers and the less experienced ones, and the beginners as well. Everybody is welcome. Join [...]
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Maldives Update 18.11.2020

The resorts and thus our dive centres will be reopened in December! Opening dates: Bathala: 01. December 2020 exclusively for Qatar Holidays and from 21. December 2020 for all guests Filitheyo and Medhufushi: December 01, 2020 The entry to the Maldives seems to be possible [...]
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