Triger fish

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Blog Bathala – 16.07.2021

40 species of triggerfish are scattered throughout the world’s seas. These bottom dwellers dig out prey, such as crabs and worms, by flapping away debris with their fins and sandblasting with water squirted from their mouths. They also use very tough teeth and jaws to take on sea urchins, flipping them over to get at their bellies, which are armed with fewer spines. Triggerfish wreak such havoc on less fortunate reef dwellers that smaller fish often follow them to feast on their leftovers. The fish takes the name from a set of spines used to deter predators or to “lock” themselves into holes, crevices, and other hiding spots. The system can be “unlocked” by depressing a smaller, “trigger” spine. In the Maldives, the titan triggerfish is very common. Stay away while they nest, as they can get very aggressive when protecting their young.

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