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Sandies Bathala is open for guest since 18 June 2019!


Today we got the information from our base leader Maxim that the island is finally open. The first guests have already checked in at the dive center and we will provide you with pictures and further updates within the next couple of days.
First of all we are happy that the long time of waiting has come to an end and that we can finally start with the operation of our dive center.

Update Bathala 01.06.2019

As announced today by Sandies Bathala Management, the resort is scheduled to open on June 15, 2019.

The resort is actually finished and the delay is due to official formalities and licenses the handling of which was slowed during Ramadan.

Werner Lau

Update Bathala 28.05.2019

Our assessment of the opening at the beginning of June does not seem to be entirely wrong. As expected, the opening date of 28/29 May 2019 has again been postponed to the beginning of June. However, we have not yet been informed of a specific date.

We will keep you updated.

Werner Lau

Update Bathala 21.05.2019

As expected, the opening is delayed again and rumours are circulating on the island that the new opening date will be 28/29 May 2019.

Our estimate of an opening at the beginning of June 2019 is still realistic for us.

Werner Lau

Update Bathala – 14.05.2019

The construction work on Bathala continues.

As expected, the opening date has now been postponed to 21.5.

Our team on site is almost finished with the diving school. So ….

My personal assessment of the opening remains positive for the beginning of June.

Werner Lau

Update Bathala from 10.05.2019

Sandies made a conscious decision not to refurbish the dilapidated bungalows (after all, the island was not closed unnecessarily). Much of the substance of the bungalows was old, grievances about the bungalows were immense and it was simply not possible to keep them.

Like before, 46 individual beach bungalows in a simple but elegant design have been built – simple, stylish and functional.

One can argue about whether it is necessary or not to have water bungalows, although there are not many islands without them. The water bungalows have been built inside the lagoon rather than on top of the reef. This did not damage the reef itself.

The 3-star islands of the 70s and 80s will not exist anymore in the Maldives. A pool is now a part of it! Incidentally, the pool was built on the very spot where a lot of land was washed away due to climate change. An alternative would have been to build a wall here. With an infinity-pool Sandies surely solved this problem charmingly. It blends perfectly into the new look of Bathala.

The bar, diving school and reception buildings are in their old locations but have been renovated and look much better than before. Bathala is and will remain a barefoot island complete with sand in restaurant, bar and reception. Thus, not everything is new, some things are, but a lot is retained. Our dive center, for example, was not rebuilt. Merely the compressor room had to be renewed.

Something that we find very important: Intentionally there will be no televisions in the bungalows to support deceleration.

We are aware that our postings may cause confrontation and disapproval responses from several past customers. We are committed to transparency, however, and therefore deliberately give our preliminary assessment for the opening in June 2019 and will publish all updates here daily.

Werner Lau

Update Bathala from 06.05.2019

Lilly and I arrived on the island yesterday, 05.05.2019.
The new Bathala will be very beautiful. Really great what Sandies did out of this island. Even if now many mourn the “old” Bathala: The new one is the hit!

The works on the island are all in the final phase. Despite Ramadan, work is going on until late at night. Every day new equipment, furniture, etc. arrives on the island.

Also we from the diving center are almost finished. The compressor room should be finished tomorrow and on Monday the compressors will be installed.

Diving school inside and wet room are almost finished as well.

The official opening was announced by Sandies on 11.05.2019.

Whether this, in my opinion very ambitiously scheduled date can be kept, is difficult to estimate even from locally. But the management is doing everything in their power.

My personal assessment, authorized by nothing and nobody:

All guests booked from the beginning of June are on the safe side.

Werner Lau


Bathala Update April 5!

Today we received information that the official opening date will be May 5th.

From the 15th of April we are allowed to go on the island to set up the diving centre.

Werner Lau


Bathala Update – 23.03.2019

On March 23rd, Maxim was on Bathala.

The final phase of the construction work is in progress.

The island will really be very beautiful. We are looking very much forward to it.

During the inspection of the house reef our old friends, the grey reef sharks, welcomed us immediately. The corals also look very good…

We will be allowed to go to the island at the beginning of April with our staff and material. From this time on we will need about 2 weeks to set up the diving center.

Of course we don’t know when the island will open. We are thinking around the middle of April at the earliest…

But: This is not an official statement.

Werner Lau

Bathala Update – 11.03.2019

We’re waiting for the go-ahead as to when we get to go to the island with our equipment.

According to our information the contracting groups should leave the island on 31.3. and then things should happen very fast.

New statements refer to the opening date 10.4.2019. We can neither confirm nor deny this.

But we promise that we will publish everything we know here.

Everything will turn out fine —–))))))

See you soon on Bathala

Werner Lau


Bathala Update – 01.12.2018

Things are moving on on the island. At the moment Bathala is bookable from 01 April 2019. In Germany the island is at the moment exclusively bookable via ITS and Jahn Reisen. Further tour operators will follow. Our booking center will be happy to help you with your booking.

We will keep you up to date with further updates.

Bathala Update – 14.11.2018

Here are some preliminary impressions of the island. We are as curious as you are about what it will look like in the end.

According to our information the resort will be finished in 1. April 2019.

Bathala can already be booked via DER Tour Touristik Group (DER Tour, ITS, Meiers Weltereisen, KUONI, Manta). Our booking centres in Germany and Switzerland will be happy to help you with your holiday planning.

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