Bedugul Tour

Via Singaraja – Temple Pondok Batu, Spice market, Temple Lake Beratan

This is a full day trip with many interesting stops at Ponjok Batu Temple , Gitgit Waterfall, Ulun Danu Temple at Beratan Lake , the spice and fruit market, including a Bali strawberry tasting.

Ponjok Batu Temple

Ponjok Batu Temple was founded by sixteenth-century Javanese priest Nirartha. According to the story, Nirartha saw a stranded ship below while sitting on a rock. The entire crew was dead on the beach but, using his spiritual powers, he brought them back to life. Following this miracle, the local people noticed that the rock where Nirartha had been sitting shone with a magic light and a temple was built there. Now all Balinese drivers stop here to pray and receive blessings for themselves and their vehicles. The sea breeze and many old trees in the vicinity of the temple add to the serenity of the place.

Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit waterfall is located about nine kilometres South of Singaraja.
You will have to walk to get close to it. The waterfall is sixty metres high and as the water falls, it looks like white clouds falling down the mountain one after another. The falling water almost completely covers the rock face of the fall.

Ulun Danu Temple, Beratan Lake

Lake Beratan is located next to Mount Beratan and Mount Catur . It is the second largest lake in Bali . The impressive temple of Pura Ulun Danu solemnly guards the lake. The resort area of Bedugul offers excellent views of the lake. A number of water activities such as parasailing, swimming, etc. are available.

Fruit and Spice Market (Merta Sari Market)

Various local fruits such as duren (durian), manggis (mangosten), mangga (mango), jeruk (orange), ceroring (kind of Langsat), strawberry and different Indonesian spices (chillies, gloves, cinnamon, ginger) are available on this market. The market also provides imported fruits.

Strawberry Stop – Since the area of Bedugul is famous for its strawberries we will also visit a “Strawberry shop”.

Price & duration

Departure time from Siddhartha: 08:00 am
Return to Siddhartha: approx. 4:00 pm

1. person: 74.– EUR
2. person: 44.– EUR
3. person: 36.– EUR
4. person: 31.– EUR