House Reef & Shore diving

Local dive sites are located along a 2000m stretch of coastline. Starting at 4-5m they drop down to depths of between 30-40m. Stunning intact corals, a multitude of Macrolife and occasionally big fish, can be seen, along with the usual numbers of different kinds of fish.

Shore dives are possible at certain seasons and offer spectacular impressions in depths between 2 and 6 m. Also the Biorock Project is within reach of 5 mins. by boat/car.


Shore diving

Beach dives are possible. Of special interest: A section of our shore area in Pemuteran is part of the biggest project worldwide to breed coral. Numerous species of coral can already be found. It is an excellent and highly interesting dive site for dives during the whole day, night dives, as well as dive courses. The reef project continues seamlessly to the natural reef which goes down to 20 m.
For a distance of about 150m, wire cages have been placed at a depths of three to seven metres in the water. The minor electric current (12-20 V, 5 Amp), which runs through these cages is harmless, even by direct contact, but it results in the coral here growing at a speed 4-5 times quicker than in other areas. It is interesting to see the fish and fish shoals which seek refuge among these corals.
The rest of our local dive site also promises interesting discoveries and fans of macro photography will be delighted.